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£2.8m spent on improving shopping parades ‘gathering momentum’

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At the Ipswich Borough Council Executive meeting next week, the council is to provide an update on the 28 shopping parades around the town that have been granted a part of £2.8m in Town Fund money.

Altogether the money improving the area in these parades should benefit 442 businesses in Ipswich. 

The proposed measures from each shopping parade had to be submitted and agreed in September 2023.

Nacton Road shopping parade, which includes 42 businesses, secured £203,075 to improve the area.

Ipswich Borough Council leader Neil MacDonaldIpswich Borough Council leader Neil MacDonald (Image: Newsquest)

In the space of nine months since measures being agreed, the area has benefitted from two bins being installed, parking lines remarked and three CCTV cameras should have been installed last month.

Felixstowe Road secured £201,875 of the funding for the 50 shops in the area.

One bin has been installed along with three CCTV cameras.

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The footpath is set to be upgraded too including kerb and layby resurfacing, with timescales to be confirmed by Suffolk County Council.

The application for shop front grants of up to £1,000 received 12 application of which eight were deemed to be compliant.

A further shop grant fund is to be launched this month with shops on shopping parades able to apply for a grant of up to £5,000 to improve the appearance.

At the executive meeting next week, Ipswich Borough Council leader Neil MacDonald will update the council on the shopping parades.

The project remains within the allocated budget and there are no known budget pressures envisaged.

There will be long-term future maintenance considerations to take into account as revenue costs are not funded by the Town Deal.

This includes the maintenance of bins, benches, CCTV and planters.

Councillor MacDonald said:  “We are committed to the delivery of our Towns Fund projects, which are set to make a real difference to the people who visit and who call Ipswich home.

“I’m delighted to see so many of these significant schemes gather momentum, as we make progress along with our many partners to revitalise and reinvigorate the town.”

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