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Alyy Khan says John Abraham ‘hasn’t tasted sugar in 25 years’: The synergistic effects of a sugar-free diet and a vegetarian lifestyle

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Actor John Abraham has always stood out for his unwavering commitment to health-conscious choices since the beginning of his career in the film industry. 

What makes Abraham’s journey even more intriguing is his vegetarianism, a dietary choice that further distinguishes his approach to nutrition. Together, these facets of his lifestyle prompt the question: how does this unique combination impact the human body?

Impact of a vegetarian diet on an individual’s overall health and wellness

Gut health coach and bestselling author Dr Dimple Jangda says, “A vegetarian diet is usually the first choice of solution when one is battling heart disease, weight gain, diabetes and chronic ailments in the body. Vegetarian diets are usually lower in saturated fats and cholesterol, and thus help reduce cholesterol health issues, blood pressure symptoms and risk of heart disease and stroke.”

One of the biggest myths the protein industry may have created, she asserts, is that vegetarians do not get enough protein. “In fact, in India alone we have 300 varieties of lentils, which is a rich source of plant based protein.” Other sources of protein are also available in abundance.

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Concurring, Ginni Kalra, head dietician at Aakash Healthcare adds that a well planned vegetarian diet can be healthy and nutritious. “Vegetarian diets tend to have fewer calories and lower levels of saturated fat and cholesterol and more fibre potassium, and vitamin C than other eating patterns.”

john abraham, diet Gut health coach and bestselling author Dr Dimple Jangda says, “A vegetarian diet is usually the first choice of solution when one is battling heart disease, weight gain, diabetes and chronic ailments in the body.” (Source: Freepik)

Physiological changes in the body when someone eliminates sugar from their diet

“Eliminating sugar from your diet has several health benefits. When we consume sugar, we experience constant spikes and a subsequent crash, which leads to a constant craving for more sugar,” Jangda explains.

Sugar is highly addictive and creates a reward pathway in the brain, and gives a dopamine hit every time we consume it, and this feeling soon becomes additive. By eliminating sugar from our diet, she says that we can stabilises blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, prevent diabetes type-2 and even maintain our energy levels better. 

It helps maintain our body weight better and prevent excess calorie intake. Most importantly you are not feeding the unhealthy bacteria in the gut that usually thrive on sugar and sugary treats. 

Effects of combining a sugar-free diet with a vegetarian lifestyle

According to Jangda, going on a sugar free diet and having a vegetarian diet has dual health benefits of lowering blood sugar levels, better weight management and reduced risk of chronic diseases. 

A vegetarian diet is low in saturated fats and high in fibre, which creates a feeling of fullness and prevents overeating. Plant based diets or vegetarian diets also contain less inflammatory food items, when cooked in a healthy manner.”

By not consuming sugar, she elaborates, we are eliminating the production of inflammatory cytokines in the body, which can fuel diseases and worsen symptoms. 

At the same time, we are consuming a vegetarian diet which is rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals that comes from fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, that will also reduce oxidative stress in the body. Vegetarian diet promotes longevity, and reduced risk of chronic lifestyle diseases.

Key considerations or strategies for ensuring adequate protein intake and maintaining muscle mass

When consuming a vegetarian diet, ensure to maintain a fair balance between carbs and proteins. By default, Jangda informs, we crave more carbs and may reach out for rice, breads and other carb rich foods in the Indian cuisine. 

“These foods are easier to digest, and can create weight gain when not balanced with adequate proteins. You must ensure to consume equal parts of protein, fibre from vegetables, and carbs – 1/3rd potion of each,” she recommends. 

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