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Andrew Cardno to speak at the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference about strategies for casino marketing during these unpredictable times

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/EIN News/ — SAN DIEGO, July 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Andrew Cardno, the Chief Technology Officer of Quick Custom Intelligence, will be a featured speaker at the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference, taking place at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Reno, Nevada. On July 17, 2024, Cardno will present an engaging session focused on strategies for casino marketing during these unpredictable times.

In his session titled “Effective Marketing Strategies for Casino Operators in a Volatile Economic Landscape,” Cardno will delve into innovative marketing tactics that can help casino operators navigate and thrive amid economic uncertainty. Drawing inspiration from Nassim Taleb’s groundbreaking work “The Black Swan,” Cardno will explore how leveraging unpredictability can become a powerful tool for casino marketers.

Attendees will gain insights into long algorithmic gaming tactics and how to adapt to the evolving convergence of entertainment and gambling. Cardno’s approach emphasizes agility and responsiveness, enabling marketers to stay ahead of sudden market changes and maintain sustained engagement and profitability.

“In these unpredictable times, it’s crucial for casino operators to embrace volatility and turn it into an advantage. By leveraging advanced marketing strategies and long algorithmic gaming tactics, we can create a more resilient and adaptive approach to casino marketing. This session will provide actionable insights to help marketers navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead,” said Andrew Cardno, CTO of Quick Custom Intelligence.

Deana Scott, CEO of Raving commented, “We are thrilled to have Andrew Cardno speak at this year’s conference. His expertise in data-driven marketing strategies and his ability to draw on concepts from thought leaders like Nassim Taleb will provide invaluable perspectives for our attendees. This session promises to equip casino operators with the tools they need to thrive in today’s dynamic economic landscape.”

The Casino Marketing & Technology Conference is renowned for bringing together industry leaders and professionals to share knowledge, discuss trends, and explore the future of the gaming industry. Andrew Cardno’s session is set to be one of the highlights of the event, offering attendees a unique opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s foremost experts.

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ABOUT Raving

When it comes to industry-specific training for casino operators and Tribal and commercial leadership, one company has been the choice for over 25 years. Gaming and hospitality executives have relied on Raving, a Native-owned business, for training, education, and outsourced services. Raving, a company of former operators, shares their knowledge and expertise through annual conferences, publications Tribal Gaming and Hospitality Magazine, training and managed services.


Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) has pioneered the revolutionary QCI AGI Platform, an artificial intelligence platform that seamlessly integrates player development, marketing, and gaming operations with powerful, real-time tools designed specifically for the gaming and hospitality industries. Our advanced, highly configurable software is deployed in over 170 casino resorts across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Latin America, and The Bahamas. The QCI AGI Platform, which manages more than $24 billion in annual gross gaming revenue, stands as a best-in-class solution, whether on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based, enabling fully coordinated activities across all aspects of gaming or hospitality operations. QCI’s data-driven, AI-powered software propels swift, informed decision-making vital in the ever-changing casino industry, assisting casinos in optimizing resources and profits, crafting effective marketing campaigns, and enhancing customer loyalty. QCI was co-founded by Dr. Ralph Thomas and Mr. Andrew Cardno and is based in San Diego, with additional offices in Las Vegas, St. Louis, Denver, Dallas, and Tulsa. Main phone number: (858) 299.5715. Visit us at

About Andrew Cardno

Andrew Cardno is a distinguished figure in the realm of artificial intelligence and data plumbing. With over two decades spearheading private Ph.D. and master’s level research teams, his expertise has made significant waves in data tooling. Andrew’s innate ability to innovate has led him to devise numerous pioneering visualization methods. Of these, the most notable is the deep zoom image format, a groundbreaking innovation that has since become a cornerstone in the majority of today’s mapping tools. His leadership acumen has earned him two coveted Smithsonian Laureates, and teams under his mentorship have clinched 40 industry awards, including three pivotal gaming industry transformation awards. Together with Dr. Ralph Thomas, the duo co-founded Quick Custom Intelligence, amplifying their collaborative innovative capacities. A testament to his inventive prowess, Andrew boasts over 150 patent applications.

Across various industries – be it telecommunications with Telstra Australia, retail with giants like Walmart and Best Buy, or the medical sector with esteemed institutions like City Of Hope and UCSD – Andrew’s impact is deeply felt. He has enriched the literature with insights, co-authoring eight influential books with Dr. Thomas and contributing to over 100 industry publications. An advocate for community and diversity, Andrew’s work has touched over 100 Native American Tribal Resorts, underscoring his expansive and inclusive professional endeavors.

ABOUT Deana Scott, CEO/Owner, Raving

Scott has been a passionate advocate for tribal enterprises for close to three decades. She has focused her career on being a forward-thinking and trusted resource for tribes and encouraging authentic and candid conversations to further the industry’s success. A patented inventor, Scott has spent her career in tribal gaming focused on operations, marketing, and project planning. Before ownership of Raving, she held strategic positions as a General Manager and Corporate Marketing Executive and has hands-on experience in the start-up and expansion of numerous business ventures.

Since becoming CEO of Raving, a Native-owned gaming and hospitality firm, she has expanded its training and services programs as well as its conference and media divisions – further positioning the company as a technology and analytics-driven organization. Scott’s greatest skills and passion are assisting casino clients with their strategic planning, operational improvements, and investigating new technology and customer trends. Leadership and education are her priorities: Tribal Gaming and Hospitality Magazine, Raving On Air, Raving NEXT: Indian Gaming Strategic Operations and Leadership Conference, Casino Marketing and Technology Conference, and the Host and Player Development Conference are just a few of the avenues she has created/expanded to provide a platform for leading experts to the gaming and hospitality industry.

Deana is an Advisory Board Member for SLOTCO – a Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures financing solution for Indian gaming. In 2024 she received the 2024 Chairman’s Leadership Award from Ernie Stevens, Jr., Chairman and national spokesperson for the Indian Gaming Association (IGA) in Washington, D.C. acknowledging her work in tribal gaming. She received a B.A. in Communications from Marylhurst University. She also holds a University of Nevada, Reno Gaming Management Certificate, a UNR Executive Development Certificate and recently completed an Executive & Professional Coaching Master’s Certificate from University of Dallas Texas. 

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Andrew Cardno to speak at the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference about strategies for casino marketing during these unpredictable times

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