Saturday, July 13, 2024

Budapest is ready to rock: The music stars headlining the urban sports festival at the Olympic Qualifier Series

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Hungarian favourites Busa Pista and Hősök will be on stage in the final days of the event when the tensions at the final Olympic qualifier reach their peak.

Budapest native Busa Pista is a solo act who skilfully blends classic and modern hip-hop influences.

Hősök launched on the local hip-hop and rap scene in 2001. The band has since released several records and albums, and toured extensively across the country.

In addition to these flagship concerts, a number of DJs are set to perform every day at the Olympic Qualifier Series, including DJ Gerysson and DJ Jami.

LA-born DJ Revolution will do a beatbox show and also serve as the master of ceremonies at the event.

Hip-hop and R&B mixes characterised his music at the start of his career, but he later transitioned to a more funk, soul and jazz style. DJ Revolution, also known as Gabor Czaban, is now best known for blending old and new songs with a unique scratch technique – a treat for the regulars at Ötkert, one of the most famous clubs in Budapest where he performs, and now the guests at the Olympic Qualifier Series as well.

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