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Business owners, mayor excited about potential new owner of Plaza

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) – By the end of the month, the Plaza could have a new owner.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and the Plaza District Council confirmed to KCTV5 on Wednesday that HP Village Partners in Dallas are in the late stages of a deal to buy the Plaza.

“I think what you will see is hundreds of millions of dollars in investment,” Lucas said of the potential deal. “More housing on the Country Club Plaza, more office, and frankly more business attraction.”

A pair of business owners at the Plaza told KCTV5 they are optimistic about the potential deal as well.

“Everybody is really excited,” said Michael Naumov, the owner of Larissa’s Tailor, about a potential deal. “Everybody is looking forward to see positive changes.”

“Everybody is going to benefit from it, it’s just going to take time,” said Benny Cardello, the owner of Plaza Hair Design. “People have to be patient.”

Mayor Lucas says the negotiations with HP Village Partners are all but complete. However, the city and the group still need to figure out how they are going to get this done.

“Part of that conversation will be a public/private partnership,” Lucas said. “What type of work and support do they want from us on the city-side? Be it KCPD, response, public works, infrastructure improvement, even some work that helps us attract and drive business growth. Those are the things we are talking about, say negotiating now, but I think we’ll get it all figured out.”

The top concern we heard from plaza businesses is crime. They say new measures have helped, but more still needs to be done.

“We really need to concentrate on the safety of the customers,” Naumov said. “I think curfew really helps.”

“Things are starting to get better,” Cardello said. “The new owners are coming in and I hear really good things about them.”

Lucas says public safety is a top priority for the Plaza’s prospective buyers, and the group is meeting with the right people to address crime.

“They’ve met with our police department. They’ve met with our police foundation in Kansas City,” said Lucas. “You will see armed law enforcement. You’ll see a better connection with KCPD. You’ll see more arrests if folks try to get out of line.”

The Plaza District Council also praised the potential deal.

“We couldn’t ask for a better partner,” said Kate Marshall, the President & Founder of the Plaza District Council said in a statement. “Mr. Ray Washburne and this Dallas buyers’ group knows exactly what is needed to ensure that the next hundred years on the Plaza will be epic, meaningful, and breathtakingly beautiful.”

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