Thursday, July 25, 2024

Can a technology mindset save Paramount?

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But the biggest weak point for Paramount is how it creates and distributes content—something that can and needs to be fixed by technology, said Hunter Peterson, the VP of content strategy for a digital content production house called 10PM Curfew, which has created content for Amazon, Meta, Hinge, HBO (now Max), Netflix, Hulu, and Dunkin’ Brands. 

Today, Paramount “will take multiple years to get a film out because of a bloated system. It is nigh onto impossible to understand the need [for Paramount’s $200 million production budgets for some recent productions],” Peterson said. “The way that Paramount business has been conducted over the last 2-3 decades is not how business should be conducted today. They simply have too many points of bureaucracy with multiple approvals.”

GenAI today, for example, can reduce or even eliminate the need for expensive on-location shoots, and can also reduce the need for extras, or even for trained animals.

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