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Daily Grounds Coffee Shop Wenonah Opens December 1st. Former Chompsky’s Location

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Daily Grounds “Coffee Redefined” coffee shop and cafe opens in Wenonah on December 1st. They are taking over the former Chompsky’s location which closed earlier in the fall.

It’s clear that locals loved the former cafe Chompsky’s, and considered the café as part of the community… which lead to understanding and disappointment from the loyal customers.

But now after a 3 month wait, Wenonah gets their coffee shop back! Daily Grounds opens on December 1st!

And the new owner recognizes that the former café had a winning formula, so he isn’t looking to change things up too much. Daily Grounds is taking the solid foundation that the customers and community loved, and may have some small positive tweaks over time to further improve the experience.

In fact at their website he describes the cafe location as “Our coffee shop is more than just a regular café; it’s a beloved spot among the locals, a home away from home”

I stopped in over at Daily Grounds this past weekend… perfect timing as I found the team was on site working to prepare the coffee shop for their opening.

Daily Grounds is located at 1 East Mantua Ave, Wenonah NJ. The large originally all-residential building sits at the corner of East Ave and E Mantua Ave… directly across from the Wenonah Train Station. Daily Grounds actually is along East Ave, sharing the first floor with Danny’s Deli (article to come!)

At Daily Grounds, we offer a delightful coffee and food experience. We use locally roasted beans, handpicked by experts, to ensure excellence in every cup. Taste our dedication and passion in every menu item. We strive to create a space for you to savor amazing food and coffee.

Daily Grounds Wenonah – “About” from their website

Daily Grounds – Coffee Redefined

Over the weekend I had a chance to speak with new owner Elias, who is a Gloucester County resident and was a regular customer of Chompsky’s.  Elias has a few small businesses in the area, and when he heard about the closing, he felt that the Wenonah coffee shop was just too awesome to let it disappear from the community.

So with real customer experience in his mind, seeing how successful it was and the love the community had for the cafe… well, things are not changing up too much for the opening of Daily Grounds.

One example of a change is I noticed during my visit that the wall décor for the seating area was being repainted with an artistic touch.  But the core layout of the café will be the same, as well as the awesome front patio seating area!

Customers will likely see some familiar faces when they visit Daily Grounds (opening December 1st), as several of the employees are able to return!

And sticking with that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it theme” just yesterday the Daily Grounds Facebook page shared a preview roasted coffee photo (with decorative foam heart), and announced that their coffee supplier will be Working Class Coffee Roasters Philly.. the same roaster which was used previously at the Wenonah Cafe

The team seems to be in a good position for their opening, as even their new Facebook page and Website are up and running, including an online menu.

Unfortunately it seems the old Chompsky’s social media pages are gone, so be sure to “follow” Daily Grounds on Facebook!

The website links to an online menu, which features categories of:

  • Coffees and Teas – Hot and Cold
  • Sandwiches
  • Bagels/Toast
  • Bakery
  • Specialty Drinks; Frappes, Lemonade, Lotus Energy Drinks
  • Smoothies and Bowls;
  • And even coffee beans and merch!

It’s a very well rounded menu for the cozy coffee shop!

Daily Grounds will offer the full array of coffees including espressos, cappuccinos and lattes.

For sandwiches, they currently show 12 different options focused on breakfast offerings… sandwiches with egg. Bagels, Hash Browns and even avocado toast are listed.

Well check out the menu at their website for more details!

I’ll stop back at Daily Grounds when they open.. maybe a live stream update.

Daily Grounds – Opening December 1st
1 East Mantua Ave
Wenonah NJ.

(856) 539-5027

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