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Details on JMU’s Inclusion in 2024 EA Sports College Football Video Game

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Image courtesy of JMU Athletics Communications

By Bennett Conlin

EA Sports is expected to release a college football video game in the summer of 2024, the first game in the series since 2013. JMU is among the teams expected to be featured in the highly anticipated release of the new game. 

JMU’s inclusion in the game isn’t new information. Matt Brown of Extra Points and reporters at the Daily News-Record have previously written about JMU’s upcoming inclusion in the game. The DNR even reported on the video and audio assets JMU sent to EA Sports for potential use in the game. The Dukes submitted five songs to EA Sports, per the DNR

  • JMU’s Fight Song
  • JMU’s Alma Mater
  • Get It On
  • Starting Wearing Purple
  • All We Do Is Win

The DNR previously reported that JMU also sent in a few video board and in-stadium audio prompts, including the “J-M-U Dukes” cheer. EA Sports doesn’t have to include all of the assets sent by JMU, but it’s likely at least some will be in the game.

JMU’s streamer tradition could be included

JMU Sports News recently learned new information about the Dukes’ presence in the game from Kevin Warner, JMU’s associate AD for communications.

Warner said in addition to what the DNR’s previously reported, JMU also sent information to EA Sports about the football program’s streamer tradition. For those that don’t know, JMU fans toss purple and gold streamers into the air following great plays (mostly scoring plays, such as touchdowns) in a tradition that is often among the highlights of JMU home games. 

It’s possible (not guaranteed) that EA Sports could include JMU’s streamer tradition in its new game. 

Additionally, Warner told JMU Sports News that JMU provided EA Sports with “artwork for all 2024 uniforms.” Users should have the opportunity to put the Dukes in multiple uniform combinations when the game goes live. 

Is the game a Madden reskin?

How the game will look remains somewhat unclear, as there’s yet to be a trailer for the game. It’s not known when (or if) a trailer might come, but schools are expected to confirm their inclusion in the upcoming game with graphics released on Feb. 15, per Brown

The game is NOT expected to be just a Madden reskin, however, per Brown’s reporting. He wrote a helpful story that clears up a few common misconceptions about the game. 

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