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Expert shares about new safety technology for Motorcyclists – WBBJ TV

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JACKSON, Tenn. — May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and as we approach peak riding season, families across the U.S. are also readying for summer road trips.

Motorcyclists are already tougher to see in traffic due to their smaller profile, and risks only increase as more people take to the roads.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, with more than 50 years of rider education and training, has life-saving tips for motorists and motorcyclists so that everyone can enjoy a safe road trip season ahead.

One motorcycle safety expert, tells us about new technology for motorcycle riders.

“There are airbag vests that you can wear. They actually deploy faster than the blink of an eye. They use sensors and algorithms so they can detect a crash before it happens,” said Andria Yu, Motorcycle Safety Expert.

20 years ago, Yu learned how to ride motorcycles for a fun, fuel-efficient way to commute to her newspaper job.

What started as a hobby became an unexpected, rewarding career when she joined the Motorcycle Industry Council and Motorcycle Safety Foundation in 2016.

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