Friday, December 8, 2023

Fans Blast Roger Goodell Over 2016 Quote About The NFL And Gambling

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This week NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL owners will discuss the possibility of allowing in-stadium sportsbooks should be allowed to stay open on game days.

Back in 2016, that same commissioner, Roger Goodell, told everyone that he was “very much” against gambling.

His exact words were, “We remain very much opposed to gambling on sports. We want to make sure we’re doing what’s right for the game.”

That is quite an about face in his stated position on the NFL and gambling in just six years.

So far, only the Arizona Cardinals have an in-stadium sportsbook. However, the Washington Commanders have also been approved for an in-stadium sportsbook by the Maryland State Lottery & Gaming Control Commission.

There will certainly be more NFL teams following suit, and soon.

As we have seen time and time again, Roger Goodell and the NFL owners will allow just about anything if it lines their pockets with money.

Naturally, because the internet never, ever forgets, Goodell’s 2016 quote is now coming back to haunt him.

“There was an online sports betting ad run during every single commercial break of every single NFL game,” another NFL fan commented on Monday.

“Jesus… When’s he gonna say something about booze at games?” tweeted another fan.

“Definitely against gambling, but for those who are interested in doing it responsibly head over to FanDuel dot com and use code word ROGER to match up to your first $100 deposit,” someone else joked.

While it is fascinating how much Roger Goodell’s take on gambling with relation to the NFL has changed in just six years, the comments that were made in 2016 following it are perhaps even more interesting.

“How does the head of a sports league not understand how much impact a certain aspect (gambling) has on his business?” someone asked, not realizing that Roger Goodell knows full well how much impact it has on the NFL.

They do/did have a point.

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