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Fortnite May 14 update patch notes, Loki crossover, end of season event and more

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UPDATE: Fortnite’s new May 14 update is available to download on consoles, PC and smartphones. The new Fortnite update mainly adds new back-end files for the end of season event, which will reportedly involve the Mount Olympus statue and Pandora’s Box. Elsewhere, Epic Games is teasing something Loki-related, posting a tweet telling fans that “only time will tell”. You can see the Fortnite X Loki teaser tweet below. Finally, Epic Games has made a selection of bug fixes, including the removal of Bounty Shadow Briefings. Epic explains more: “We’ve removed Bounty SHADOW Briefings with today’s update while we consider a fresh take on this type of in-match combat objective. All other SHADOW Briefings, such as Plunder and Supply Drop, are not affected and this should have no impact on existing Quests.”

ORIGINAL: Fortnite fans are counting down to the release of a brand new update, which will be the final major download of the season. With the current Fortnite season coming to an end, developer Epic Games has decided to release one final update to get everything ready for the upcoming end of season event. The May 14 Fortnite update will be available to download on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and Android at 2pm BST UK time. Unlike traditional numbered updates, the new download will add some new content, but won’t make any major overhauls. The Fortnite studio will also make a number of bug fixes, which can be seen by viewing the patch notes further down the page. While Epic is yet to make an official announcement, it looks like the May 14 update won’t require any server downtime, which means you can jump back into the action once the patch is installed.

According to Fortnite insider Shiina, the headline feature of the May 14 update is the launch of the Wild Weeks event.

This will reportedly add a number of new quests, which can be completed to unlock XP towards the Battle Pass.

The Wild Weeks event is scheduled to last until the end of the season, which means you can continue to earn XP and complete missions until May 24.

It’s likely to tie into the end of season event, which revolves around a huge sandstorm taking over the map.

Fans can also expect to see more from the Mount Olympus statue, which has started to come alive ahead of the Wild Weeks event.

Elsewhere, the new update will make a selection of bug fixes, all the while unvaulting Yoda items.

Check out the May 14 patch notes below, and check back at 2pm BST for more information about the latest update.

Fortnite update 29.50 patch notes…


• Players can re-equip Yoda Back Bling

• Cinematic Sequence Device isn’t allowing objects to remain in their last animated state when set to Force Keep State on creator-made experiences.

• Players may be unable to use their driving controls when attempting to drive a Vehicle. (Investigating)

– Players may have their driving controls “Unbound” and become unresponsive when attempting to drive a Vehicle on PlayStation 5.

• May experience hitches when opening the Emote Wheel (Investigating)

– We’re aware that players may be experiencing hitches when trying to open their Emote wheel in Fortnite.


• Vehicles do not properly say “NO GAS” when without fuel (Investigating)

– When vehicles have “NO FUEL”, the indicator incorrectly states they have low fuel.

• Back Bling Beacon Glass displaying incorrectly in the Locker (Investigating)

– When players are choosing the Back Bling Beacon Glass from their Locker, the shards of the Back Bling are falling off.


• Some guided builds can’t be completed

– The Noble Railing is unable to be placed when building the Knightly Small Keep.


• “First match protected” text is occasionally displayed after switching game modes

– “First match protected” text is occasionally displayed after switching game modes

• Tracks sometimes have unexpected collisions

– Tracks sometimes have unexpected collisions

• Boost pads can fail to boost players when landed on

– Boost pads can fail to boost players when landed on


• Some text within Save The world appearing unlocalised and only in English.

– We’re investigating an issue that is causing some text within Save The World to appear unlocalised and only in English, and we’re working on an update for this now.

• View Distance Rendering

– We are aware of reports when the player switches view distance to low settings that builds and other objects may not render correctly.

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