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From their mean-traits to feeling sad always; Top five myths about Scorpio busted – Times of India

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Scorpio, the eighth zodiac sign, often gets misunderstood. Let’s clear up five common misunderstandings about Scorpios:
Scorpios are Always Sad
People think Scorpios are always gloomy. But that’s not true. Just like everyone else, Scorpios feel different emotions. They can be happy, funny, or serious, just like you and me.
Scorpios are Mean
Some say Scorpios are mean and like to play tricks on others.But that’s just a story. Scorpios can be kind and caring. They might seem tough, but they have a soft side too.
Scorpios Keep Secrets All the Time
It’s believed that Scorpios are secretive and keep everything to themselves. But that’s not the whole truth. While they do like their privacy, they also share things with people they trust. They’re not always hiding something.
Scorpios Want to Control Everything
Some think Scorpios want to control everyone and everything. But that’s not fair. Scorpios do like to feel in charge of their own lives, but they don’t want to boss others around. They’re more about personal freedom than power over others.
Scorpios are All About Love and Drama
Scorpios are often linked with love and drama. But that’s just one part of who they are. Sure, they can be passionate, but they’re also smart and have many interests beyond romance.
Scorpios are more than what meets the eye. They’re not always sad, mean, or secretive. They value trust, kindness, and personal freedom, just like anyone else.

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