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Handy tip can help newlyweds have a dream honeymoon for less than expected

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The holiday booking company Ocean Florida has given young couples a number of tips that can help them save money on their honeymoon.

With the average cost of a honeymoon priced at £4,329, most newlyweds typically pay a small fortune to make sure their first trip as a married couple is something to remember.

However, George Hastings, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Ocean Holidays, noted that tourists can save up to 40 percent by booking a flight with connections.

He advised: “Many people will opt for convenience above all else, and if travelling is particularly taxing on you or someone you’re travelling with, that can sometimes be the best option.

“But, if you’re willing to add four or more hours to your trip, you can save hundreds of pounds. In fact, it could save you up to 40 percent off your overall tip cost.”

Ocean Florida also suggested that newlyweds can also save a significant amount of money by flying to smaller or quieter airports.

Whilst the large international airports can be incredibly convenient to use, offering a wider variety of flights to book, smaller alternatives that are less geared for tourists are often substantially cheaper to visit.

In addition, swapping major cities for smaller towns and rural areas can also help holidaymakers avoid lengthy queues and overpriced attractions.

When booking a honeymoon, George stated that another good idea is to avoid big events that are taking place, which can bring in crowds and see price increases.

He added: “Wherever you’re going, be sure to check for any events happening in the area, especially sporting events.

“While you’re more likely to know when big tournaments are coming up, such as the 2026 FIFA World Cup in Miami, it’s also worth checking for sports that you may not be considering that could impact travel and costs wherever you’re going.”

Finally, George warned tourists to avoid booking their flights close to their getaway, stating that the common belief is a misconception.

He continued: “It’s a common misconception that booking last-minute flights will get you the best deals. I think this comes from people thinking the plane is already due to go and airlines want to get rid of any unassigned seats.

“In reality, though, booking at the last minute will very rarely save you money, especially when travelling at peak times like the Easter or summer holiday. Flights around this time will only get more expensive the closer to the period.”

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