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Health Headlines: Silencing the sound of tinnitus

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ATLANTA, GA. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – Imagine hearing a ringing in your ears all the time. The noise can be so loud it can be debilitating. It’s called tinnitus and more than 50 million Americans are living with it right now. No one knows why it happens but a new drug-free, FDA-approved device is helping to silence the sound.

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Bert Light has been at the controls for more than 32 years. But he was almost grounded when his ears started to ring. He says, “All of a sudden my hearing or the Tinnitus went from a level four to a level 12 out of 10.”

Worse yet—nothing could stop it.

Bert says, “It’s a really difficult beast to treat because there’s no one size fits all with this. “

Peachtree Hearing Audiologist Melissa Wykoff says nobody knows why it happens.

Wykoff says, “Tinnitus can be inescapable. You can’t shut it off.”

Traditionally treated with cognitive behavioral therapy, sound therapy and retraining therapy, now Tinnitus is being treated with this.

The Lenire device is the first and only FDA approved device to use sound and sensory stimulation to teach the brain to ignore the sounds.

Wykoff says, “It’s stimulating two different pathways. So, what’s happening is there’s feeling on your tongue and then there’s sound in the ears. We’re stimulating your auditory cortex.”

Patients use the device at home for 30 minutes, twice a day for 12 weeks.

Bert says, “It’s not pills you’re taking, it’s not shots.”

It worked for Bert.

“Right now, that I have my hearing aids in, and my tinnitus is zero. I hear nothing.” says Bert.

If left untreated, Tinnitus can be challenging. In fact, 18 percent of people with Tinnitus say they suffer from depression and 21 percent had suicidal thoughts. In the latest study, 70 percent of patients said they found relief with the Lenire device.

Contributors to this news report include: Marsha Lewis, Producer; Chuck Bennethum, Editor, Matt Goldschmidt, Videographer.

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