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Horoscope 27 March: Let Your Heart Speak Today

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Horoscope for Monday, 27 March 2023

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After a (hopefully) lovely Sunday yesterday, the stars make the beginning of the week easier for us, and we can look forward to a pleasant start.

Today we find the right words.

In the morning
, the Moon’s positive connection with Mercury is at work
, bringing a lot of tact into our communication with our environment
. And those who know about this will especially cultivate this language of the heart at this time and therefore certainly earn a lot of admiration from their interlocutors. People only rarely experience such a sensitive way of expressing themselves. When it happens to one, one is quite astonished and remembers this particular person for a long time and always likes to think back to him. So, if you want to talk to colleagues, superiors, or even friends and acquaintances for a while, today would be a perfect opportunity!

Enjoying friendship

Later, we will come under the influence of a good connection between the Moon and Jupiter.
It can bring us social
 and also
material gains
! The Moon is, after all, the emotional realm within us, and Jupiter also represents health and optimism, and these two realms combined positively now cause us natural well-being
. Whereas in the morning, there might have been more difficult conversations on the agenda, now we can let go and enjoy
ourselves. Now would be a get-together with old, good friends
with whom we have already experienced important emotional events. But of course, this is also a good time for a new friendship. And of course, group activities
are also preferred. But apart from gender, relationships with women are now favored. So we might also get benefits from women on this day.

Quote of the day:

“Love is the master key that unlocks everything in man.” (Theodor Gottlieb von Hippel, 1741-1796)


moon (Gemini)
waxing crescent


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