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How Hailey Bieber’s model off-duty style has transformed from tailored millennial to Gen Z fashion queen after swapping fitted blazers for teeny tiny miniskirts

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Hailey Bieber is famous for her chic yet relaxed model off-duty style, which is often imitated by fellow celebrities and influencers. 

But the Rhode Beauty founder has completely changed up her fashion sense ever since swapping stylists last year, with a now-viral TikTok documenting the stunning evolution. 

Hailey, 26, went from working with Los Angeles-based Maeve Reilly, 36, to LA and New York-based Dani Michelle, 37, which showed her starting to dress a bit younger and bolder, trading oversized coats for slouchy blazers and cementing her status as a style icon. 

California-based TikTok user Alex, who goes by Al Wheats on the social media platform, broke down the major changes in how Hailey dresses, as she’s moved away from tailored blazers and fitted denim to teeny tiny miniskirts and dresses. 

The model completely changed up her style with the stylist swap

Hailey Bieber went from working with Maeve Reilly to Dani Michelle, which showed her starting to dress a bit younger and bolder

The TikTok fashion fan captioned her video, 'Absolutely zero hate to either stylist - both incredibly talented.' Pictured: Maeve Reilly

The content creator said she likes Dani's work with her Gen Z but feels like Maeve does more mature looks. Pictured: Maeve with Hailey

The TikTok fashion fan wrote, ‘Absolutely zero hate to either stylist – both incredibly talented.’ Pictured: Maeve Reilly (left) and with Hailey (right)

The TikTok creator captioned the video, ‘Absolutely zero hate to either stylist – both incredibly talented. I personally like Dani’s work with Gen Z and the younger girls and feel like Maeve does an amazing job with mature looks – but what do we think?’

Battle of the stylists! See how they stack up 

  • Maeve started working with Hailey when she was just 19 in March 2016
  • Maeve was behind Hailey’s wedding looks when she married Justin Bieber in 2018 
  • Hailey then worked with Justin’s stylist Karla Welch in 2022
  • The model went on to team up with Dani Michelle, who’s known for working with Gen Z stars 

‘So this is why it’s so important to work with a stylist who understands your look, your body type, and your vision,’ the content creator told her followers.

‘This is Hailey when she was with Maeve,’ the creator continued, referencing celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly, who also works with Eva Longoria, Megan Fox and Ellie Goulding. In the snap, Hailey wore a brown suit paired with a bandeau top. 

‘Maeve was known for pretty much launching Hailey into the fashion spotlight, and being responsible for a lot of those street looks and the off-duty model look that everyone became obsessed with,’ she continued, showing pictures of Justin Bieber‘s wife in a series of oversized blazers, tailored pants and open-toed, low heels. 

Maeve was even behind the three wedding gowns at Hailey’s wedding to Justin in 2018. 

In between working with the two famed stylists, Hailey was dressed by Karla Welch, who also styled Sarah Paulson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Hailey’s pop star husband, Justin. 

‘Hailey is now working with Dani Michelle,’ the fashion follower continued, showing off photos from Hailey’s style evolution, including the model in a red strapless dress and an oversized, super short leather jacket worn as a dress. Dani Michelle also styles Hailey’s best friend Kendall Jenner, Kendall’s sister Kourtney Kardashian, Elsa Hosk, and Maren Morris. 

‘These are the looks that we’re getting. It’s a lot of mini skirts and a lot of dresses,’ she showed.  

Hailey's now famous for her model off-duty style, wearing loafers and closed-toe pointy heels

The Rhode Beauty founder is now opting for much sleeker silhouettes

Hailey’s now famous for her model off-duty style, wearing chunky loafers, closed-toe pointy heels, mini skirts and shades of brown for fall 

Commenters had a field day fighting over which celeb stylist they liked better

Commenters had a field day fighting over which celeb stylist they liked better 

‘I personally thought Hailey and Maeve were a match made in heaven,’ the fashion TikTok maker continued, before ending the video with: ‘I still can’t find enough information about why they parted ways.’ 

One commenter thought they had an explanation for the mysterious stylist split, writing that a blind item was posted on the anonymous Instagram gossip account deuxmoi revealing, ‘Maeve was calling paparazzi and it became a problem.’ 

Others squabbled over their favorite stylist. ‘I’m a millennial soooo I prefer Maeve. It has more of a refined older put together look. But Dani Michelle I think works more for her age and looks,’ one commenter wrote. 

‘I miss Maeve,’ another fashion fan echoed. 

Plenty of commenters thought that Dani was a better stylist for Hailey’s current aesthetic. ‘Her and Maeve reached their peak. She’s good with Dani,’ one person proclaimed. 

‘I think both are great. Maeve was perfect for 2016-2018 era and Dani is perfect for today’s era!!’ one Hailey fan summed it up. 

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