Monday, May 20, 2024

How Hankook is quietly going about its business – DirtFish

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It’s actually something of a refreshing approach that Hankook’s taking to its elevation to the World Rally Championship. The Seoul-based firm has binned the bells, the whistles, the sell and the spiel. Instead, it’s focused on making its tires for 2025.

As we know, the teams have run tires on all surfaces now. Next year’s Sweden cover is, by and large, signed off now. Croatia delivered more valuable mileage on an asphalt tire and Portugal’s where the gravel equivalent will be put through its paces.

Manfred Sandbichler is Hankook’s motorsport director for Europe. He’s aware that, as Pirelli’s former motorsport director Paul Hembery always used to say, you only take one victory with a control tire: that’s the one that comes in the bidding process. Hankook has won. Now it’s time for the hard yards.

Sandbichler wouldn’t be drawn on specifics, telling DirtFish: “We are testing, that’s sure. All I can say is that we are inside our target.”

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