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‘I have seen more downs than ups in my life, still hope to play…’: Rohit Sharma | Cricket News – Times of India

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NEW DELHI: Indian skipper Rohit Sharma recently shared insights into his journey as an international cricketer and captain, offering a glimpse into his future with the national team.
During an interview on Dubai Eye 103.8 Radio Station while participating in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) for Mumbai Indians (MI), Rohit reflected on his career trajectory.
Expressing his aspirations, he mentioned his intent to continue playing for several more years, aspiring to leave a lasting impact on the global cricketing stage.
“The journey has been wonderful; to make it to the highest level is not easy, especially in the country from where I come from; it has been 17 years; I still hope to play a few more years as well and make an impact in world cricket,” Rohit said.
The Indian skipper also reflected on the trials and tribulations he has faced throughout his cricketing journey, noting that he has experienced more setbacks than triumphs, particularly during the early stages of his career. These challenges took a toll on him, leading him to question his place within the national team.
“I have seen more downs than ups in my life, the human and person I am today is because of what I have seen in the past, and in the downs. When I started my career, I did not have a lot of positives. I did not have a lot of positive impact on the team. I was questioning whether I belonged here or not. It was about what I could do as a person or want in this life as a person and player,” said Rohit.
Discussing his role as the captain of the Indian team, Rohit emphasised that leading one’s country is the ultimate honour for any cricketer. He further delved into his leadership philosophy, highlighting his vision as a skipper, which revolves around prioritising the team’s success over individual milestones.
“Captaining your country is the biggest honour that you can have, and for me, I have never thought that this would arrive where I will be captaining one day. But yeah, people say good things happen to good people,” said Rohit.
“I was very fortunate to get that opportunity (to be a captain), and I knew the past captains who have had an impact in Indian cricket and the kind of legacy they have left as well. We have had so many great captains, so yeah, just taking from where these guys left, making sure that the team heads in the right direction.”
“When I took over as India captain, I just wanted everyone to drive in one direction, that is how the team sport should be played, it is not about personal milestones, stats and goals, it is about what all 11 of us can bring to the table and win the trophy,” Rohit concluded his point.
Addressing the pressure inherent in being a cricketer and a role model in India, Rohit acknowledged its significant influence on his life. He emphasised his approach to handling pressure, viewing it as a constructive force that drives him to excel.
“I believe unless you are put under pressure, the real you does not come out so much. Sometimes you do not realise what kind of strengths you have as an individual, so when you are under pressure you try and bring out that strength,” he added
Rohit will be in action for India in the ICC T20 World Cup from June 1 onwards in the West Indies and USA.
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