Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Infrastructure is a top concern in Spartanburg County Council District 4 race

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Grant DeShields.

“We don’t need the good ol’ boy system any more with our tax dollars being used for pet projects and selective use of infrastructure needs,” DeShields said. “We need a fighter, somebody that’s in place that will look out for the average man, not just the special interest needs of developers and select few individuals for the use of our tax dollars.”

Like McCorkle, his top priority is infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and water and sewer treatment plants. He’d like the county to create a priority schedule of needs.

“Those kind of fall by the wayside and with the growth of the county as it has been, it needs to be looked at as an overall system,” DeShields said.

He supports the 1 percent sales tax for road work and believes the county has done a good job of providing transparency on spending from that fund, but not with other projects.

He wants the county to better explain the reasons why certain roads get worked on but not others.

“We need a list of items that tells you why we’re doing this, and it needs to be made available to the public,” DeShields said.

He also supports FILOT agreements in principle, but questions whether the county has taken an unbalanced approach to development by overdeveloping industry compared to residential areas.

And he warned that the FILOTs give breaks to larger companies while local companies still pay their full share of taxes.

“I don’t see local companies that are expounding how great it is to pay their fair share of property taxes,” DeShields said. “Everybody’s saying ‘Hey, we’re paying plenty in property taxes. Why should we offer a fee-in-lieu-of-taxes to draw somebody new in when we don’t need the jobs right now?’

Finally, DeShields would like to find ways of helping out the county’s first responders without just pay increases by looking at giving them a better benefit package. But he couldn’t expound on the specifics.

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