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Introducing DXTA Technology: Where innovation meets impact – Campaign Middle East

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As the digital landscape continues to shift and marketers look for more opportunities to unlock value by utilising the multiple data sources available to them, the need for greater comprehensive integration and data-driven insights is becoming increasingly important.

Accordingly, it is W Group Holding that is once again leading from the front to pioneer industry transformation. Known for consistently evolving ahead of market needs, the regional powerhouse behind leading Digital Out-of-Home Experiences and Digital Marketing Solutions, has laid out its ambitious new plans to advance the advertising media industry.

As part of its impressive new repositioning, their two dynamic subsidiaries, Hypermedia, a regional player in DOOH, and DXTA Technology, the recently established company that succeeds DigitAll, renowned for its expertise in cutting-edge technology, take centre stage.

Emerging as a unified force, the company is poised to revolutionise media dynamics, not only on a regional scale, but globally too, utilising W Group’s vast network and influence. With the power of Hypermedia and DXTA combined, the pathway to pioneering digital evolution and moving from traditional methods to setting new industry standards in out-of-home media and digital marketing technologies, is all but assured.

However, this ambitious new positioning hasn’t been achieved overnight. Under the visionary leadership of Chairman and Group CEO Habib Wehbi, the groundwork has long been laid. Underpinning this latest success is the company’s well-known 555 strategy, introduced two years ago and already surpassing targets ahead of its five-year deadline. Wehbi has also spoken about the importance of ‘the ‘Power of Four’ (digital power, exposure power, data power, and tech power) in guiding the company’s success in 2024.

It’s this commitment to continued innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with data-driven strategies and cutting-edge technology, that looks set to shape the next era of marketing excellence.

DXTA, The Digital Successor

Through its ‘innovation meets impact’ core messaging, DXTA amplifies its position as the premier partner in helping clients achieve a completely measurable consumer digital journey, capturing audiences at multiple touchpoints throughout the day.

Designing tech around people, its complete suite of smart technology solutions offers a 360-degree approach, utilising exclusive technologies and precise targeting to drive maximum returns on business and brand investments.

Spanning five key verticals across Digital Advertising, Gaming, Managed Services, DOOH, and Commercial Strategy, the company offers a unique kind of reach for its clients, while also providing greater accountability and measurement.

“We are harnessing real-time data insights and analytics from our DOOH and digital marketing endeavors to gain a strategic edge,” explains Ayman Haydar, CEO of DXTA.

“This holistic approach provides a comprehensive view of a massive target audience, attracting brands and agencies seeking impactful advertising solutions. “Our innovative offerings redefine engagement and empower brands to unlock their full potential in the digital landscape,” adds Haydar.

With static OOH a thing of the past, DXTA DOOH is poised to lead the charge for this new and immersive digital frontier, creating three specialised divisions: Roadside (for audience management, content delivery and targeting), Indoor & Retail (equipped with AI smart sensors to handle audience data and serve targeted ads) and DOOH (offering real-time audience analytics and smart-triggered ads).

The latter, in particular, is huge. For the first time in the region, DXTA is able to provide indoor real-time audience measurements, instant data analytics, and smart-triggered ads, allowing advertisers to create data-driven campaigns, while enhancing the in-store experience through dynamic DOOH and retail media.

Further potential lies in in-game advertising, as DXTA GAMING pioneers immersive gaming experiences, seamlessly integrating into the online world with engaging and relevant creative.

And as the digital advertising industry becomes increasingly complex to navigate, DXTA ADVERTISING guides clients with engaging Programmatic Advertising, precision Social Media Ad Buying, and Performance Marketing solutions.

Arguably, the evolving landscape is an exciting opportunity for the ecosystem to embrace these new technologies and mediums, however, the right infrastructure is also key to maximise commercial success.

In this vein, DXTA OPTISERV provides a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) to deliver personalised experiences using precision geo-targeting and daytime scheduling for optimized content delivery.

DXTA SMARTCITI functions as an Infrastructure Commercialization Consultancy, offering Commercial Strategies, Digital Signage Consultancy, and Procurement Strategy to transform assets into vibrant revenue hubs.

Ultimately, the scale of this rollout of smart solutions and services is a game changer, particularly as the market becomes increasingly data-driven; adaptability is key. Client-centric products will guide the next generation of innovation, which is why W Group’s new positioning is so significant. Their experience in pioneering new technologies underscores their dedication to continued transformation, leading the way for others to follow.

The journey continues on. What will come next?

By Ayman Haydar, CEO of DXTA

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