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Introducing MiCode: Affordable QR Safety Technology for Dementia Wandering

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Professor James Ohene-Djan MiCode, that quickly connects lost dementia patients with their loved ones.”

Discover MiCode: The New, Low-Cost QR Technology Enhancing Safety for Dementia Patients #DementiaCare #TechForGood”

MiCode offers peace of mind, ensuring quick assistance for dementia wanderers at just £1 a month.”

— Professor James Ohene-Djan

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — NHS Research shows that nearly 1 million people in the UK now have dementia and this number is steadily increasing. A significant challenge now facing families, caregivers, the Police, Ambulance and Social Services is Dementia Wandering.

It is very common for a person living with dementia to go wandering, become lost, or confused about their location. Six in ten people living with dementia will wander and many do so repeatedly. Conservative estimates put the number of people regularly Dementia Wandering at over 300,000 per year. Dementia Wandering now takes up a significant amount of time and resources for the police and social services and can also be very dangerous to the public. Dementia wanderers have been known to drive cars, use heavy machinery and wander into life-threatening situations.

To help combat the risks and dangers of Dementia Wandering, Professor James Ohene-Djan from Goldsmiths, University of London, has developed a new emergency medical information code called MiCode.

MiCode is a simple, yet powerful personal QR code designed to help dementia wanderers when they are lost or confused.

MiCode contains vital information such as the person’s name, emergency contacts, medical conditions, and any additional data they may not be able to communicate during a crisis. This information is dynamically translated into any language. When scanned, MiCode sends the person’s location to their emergency contacts, making it particularly beneficial for dementia patients who may find themselves disoriented or unable to recall critical information.

MiCode can be worn as a bracelet, keyring, badge or pendant, stored on a mobile phone and can be printed on cards and stickers.

At £1 a month, MiCode is cheaper than a cup of coffee and is an affordable solution for everyone who needs one.

Although the vast majority of dementia patients who go missing are found safe and well, MiCode ensures Dementia wanders can be treated with sensitivity and understanding and loved ones can be contacted quickly, paving the way for their safe return.

MiCode is available at Micode.uk.

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