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Janhvi Kapoor Sure Is Having A Ball Of A Time In A White Floral Saree With A Cricket-Themed Purse

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Janhvi Is Having A Ball Of A Time In A Floral Saree With A Cricket Purse

Janhvi Kapoor’s wadrobe doesn’t fall short when it comes to stunning ethnic style. Everywhere she goes, she carries elegance along. Whether she is leaning towards subtlety or is going all out with a daring look, the sensual vibe always ups her fashion quotient. Currently decked up for the promotions of her upcoming release Mr and Mrs Mahi, the actress has taken the method dressing route to serve a new sphere of style. In her latest appearance, the actress walked the desi route in a beautiful white sheer saree that came with beautiful colourful floral details. The semi-sheer number was paired with a matching blouse. What really stole the show was her silver cricket ball-themed bag that added an extra element to the look. With a fresh glowing look and tinted pink lips, Janhvi’s beauty game was on point too.

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Previously, the actress looked chic in a stunning silver number by Falguni Shane Peacock. She gave method dressing a shimmery spin as the blue glitter formed a pattern of a player playing cricket. From the figure-grazing fit to the plunging sweetheart neckline, Janhvi’s look was meant to stun. With nude glam and open tresses, she rounded off her beauty look perfectly.

Janhvi Kapoor has never failed to serve a high dose of fashion. Previously, for the promotions of Mr and Mrs Mahi, Janhvi turned the heat up in a stunning backless red dress. It was not an ordinary one as it came with a string of cricket balls at the back. With well-placed cutouts and halter neckline, Janhvi’s look added to the soaring temperature.

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Janhvi Kapoor’s method dressing streak is only getting stronger.

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