Monday, December 4, 2023

Lamar Jackson trade request starts drama for Dolphins player after he tries to recruit the QB to Miami

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DeShon Elliott hasn’t even been with the Dolphins for two weeks and he might already be the least popular player on the team. 

The safety saw his popularity crash with Dolphins fans on Monday after he tried to recruit Lamar Jackson to Miami. The Ravens quarterback surprised everyone around the NFL on Monday morning when he revealed on Twitter that he wants out of Baltimore

Elliott responded to the news by telling Jackson to #ComeToTheDolphins. 

Elliott eventually deleted this tweet. 

As Elliott found out the hard way, Dolphins fans do NOT like when anyone tries to recruit any other quarterbacks to Miami. Dolphins fans are very sensitive about their quarterback situation and they ripped Elliott on Twitter for suggesting that someone besides Tua Tagovailoa should be the starting QB. 

Almost as soon as Elliott sent out his tweet, he was facing some major backlash on Twitter. 

The backlash was so harsh that Elliott deleted the Jackson tweet less than 30 minutes after sending out. He then replaced it with two follow-up tweets. 

In Elliott’s defense, the big reason he likely recruited Jackson is because they used to be teammates. Elliott spent the first three years of his career in Baltimore (2019-21), which also happened to be Jackson’s first three seasons as the Ravens’ full-time starter. 

When he sent out his tweet, Elliott was likely just having fun with an ex-teammate and he probably didn’t give much thought to the way Dolphins fans would react to his tweet about Jackson, but you can bet he’ll be giving it a lot of thought the next time he thinks about trying to recruit a quarterback to Miami on Twitter. 

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