Monday, May 20, 2024

Laurence Fox Faces Police Investigation After Sharing ‘Upskirting’ Photo

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Laurence Fox is facing a police investigation after posting an upskirt photo on social media.

On Tuesday, the former GB News presenter shared an explicit image of Narinder Kaur, the former Big Brother contestant who now appears regularly on shows like Good Morning Britain and GB News, on his X (formerly Twitter) account.

The post remained live until it was removed two days later.

A Met Police spokesperson told the Independent that they had been made aware “of a post on social media regarding an upskirting offence”, and were looking into the matter.

Fox claimed to have posted the photo in retaliation to remarks made by Kaur about the model and right-wing commentator Leilani Dowding.

After coming under fire about his social media post, he later told his detractors: “She can go cry victim all she wants. It’s not my fault she forgot to put her pants on, the whining cry bully hypocrite.”

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