Monday, December 4, 2023

Letter: Officials need to push for more vehicle charging stations

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To facilitate the transition to electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions, we must enhance the Delaware County infrastructure by installing additional charging stations.

It is very concerning to see the effects of global warming take over our world, with higher temperatures, rising sea levels, increased droughts and loss of species.

As a Gen Z individual, I feel it is crucial to prioritize going green so our Earth can live sustainably.

Transportation has the largest sector of greenhouse gas emissions at 27%. Switching to electric vehicles is beneficial because there are no tailpipe emissions.

It is essential to acknowledge Delco officials’ work thus far, as they were awarded $600,000 in 2022 to purchase new electric vehicles and charging stations.

This is excellent news as we strive to make our country more eco-friendly. However, we must continue our push to go fully electric.

The problem is that many people worry about the inconvenience of EVs, as there are not as many EV charging stations as gas stations.

It is an entirely valid concern. Nobody wants to be stranded in Pennsylvania with no charge.

Pennsylvania has approximately 3,700 gas stations, as opposed to 1,400 charging stations.

Specifically, in Delco, there are 66 charging stations. There needs to be more options in a county of 184 square miles with a population of about 574,000.

Some people may argue that EV owners have their own charging stations at home and must pay better attention to their charge. Yet, that is not the reality.

People do mistakenly run out of gas, so there are gas stations everywhere.

I believe our elected officials must prioritize electric vehicles and budget more money toward adding charging stations in Delco. As a result, Delco drivers will be more likely to go green with an EV due to its natural convenience and benefits.

Ryan Nealon,
Garnet Valley

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