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Luis Arraez trade: Marlins executive explains ‘difficult’ decision to send two-time All-Star to Padres

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The Miami Marlins and San Diego Padres made the first big trade of the season on Friday night, sending two-time all-Star Luis Arraez to the west coast in exchange for four minor-league players: outfielders Dillon Head and Jakob Marsee, first baseman Nathan Martorella, and reliever Woo-suk Go. (Click here to read our full analysis of the trade.) On Saturday, Marlins president of baseball operations Peter Bendix explained why he made the “difficult” decision to ship out Arraez two months before the unofficial start of the trade season.

“It really came together fairly quickly,” Bendix told Bally Sports Florida about the negotiations, “and felt like this was too good of a deal to pass up, frankly.”

As part of the trade, the Marlins will reportedly pay almost all of what remains on Arraez’s $10.6 million salary. Miami did so in order to obtain a better prospect package from the Padres, who otherwise would have been pushed close to the luxury tax line.

Bendix, who praised Arraez as a player and human being, conceded that it was a tough move to make on several levels. Still, he defended it as a necessary one in order to “get the organization to the level of long-term sustainable success” that he envisioned when he took over the reins last November. 

“I’ve seen [that plan] work, places I’ve come from,” Bendix said, referring to his time as a top executive with the Tampa Bay Rays. “I have support from ownership to execute that plan, and I know that we have a lot of talent in the organization, and I think with some disciplined moves, we can really get the organization to where we want it to be.”

As for what might be the Marlins’ next “disciplined move,” Bendix offered no commitment either way to a question asking if star outfielder Jazz Chisholm Jr. will finish the season in Miami.

The Marlins, who authored a surprising playoff run last season, have started the year with a 9-25 mark. 

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