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Man explains the ‘terrible’ reasons why Brits don’t travel in the UK to an American

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Summer is approaching, and with millions of Brits expected to venture overseas for their much-anticipated travels, one American has posed the question as to why people don’t travel within the UK.

American Ash Loren (@ashseestheworld) was “curious” after one of her UK-based followers said she had never been to the Lake District.

“[This] makes me so sad, I’m curious as to what the reason is for this because the Lake District is three to four hours away from London,” she said.

Ash went on to add that while she was visiting the Lake District, she met a group of Brits who said they had never been to London.

“That would be like if I lived in New York State and never been to New York City,” she added.

It was then a fellow TikToker (@jghux) explained on behalf of Brits.

“Travel in the UK? No thanks,” he penned as the caption.

He started by showing how expensive it is to remain in the UK for summer holidays, by sharing a screen showing train costs between Manchester and London totalling £87. He added that while “that doesn’t sound too terrible,” it’s cheaper to fly overseas.

Pulling up a screen to Skyscanner with the same dates, he said: “You can fly to Denmark for £26 return, France for £48 return, Poland for £59 return.”


#stitch with @Ash Loren Travel in the UK? No thanks #travel #uk #london ####

The TikToker then gave the second explanation: “Of course, it’s the weather.”

“You cannot have a nice day in the UK at any time. We’re now approaching the middle of June and summer has still not arrived,” he said. “It’s been one of the wettest springs on record.”

Many viewers backed his argument, with one responding: “I spent 80 quid on a first-class SUITE train in Indonesia. 80 quid in the UK I can probably go to Manchester without a seat.”

Another added: “I just had 2 weeks in Thailand, it was cheaper than 2 weeks at Butlins.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “The weather is no joke. Legit today is has been shifting from sunny to pouring in rain in like 15-minute intervals. Just constantly switching.”

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