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New local business brings Hispanic culture to the area

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) – La Guadalupana Antojitos Mexicanos has been serving the Bridgeport community only since April, but their impact hasn’t gone unnoticed. The market/grocery store not only serves Mexican goods, but also all three meals of the day. Hoping to spice up the local community, with a little Mexican culture. Although the store just recently had their official ribbon cutting ceremony; they’ve already seen a positive response from the local community since they’ve opened their doors. Leaving Maria Lopez and her husband both grateful and happy for the support they’ve received thus far; helping turn their dream into a reality.

“Me and my husband decided to open up this restaurant because we wanted to bring something different than other restaurants; like a breakfast menu. Which at other restaurants they don’t have a breakfast menu, we have authentic omelets, and the torta sandwich which is scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. So, our family, we love Mexican food and it’s very authentic.”

Authenticity is the key word when is comes to La Guadalupana, as they hope to offer something different products than other shops in the local area. Not only offering authentic Mexican food, but also grocery items that can be found in Latin countries around the world.

“South America, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and other places. Me and my husband, we love to cook very authentic Mexican food. My kids love Mexican food, we always go to different places, but they’re very picky about it. We know that this city has a bit of Spanish people and we want to offer them better dishes. The most popular dish is the Jefe Boss Burrito and the Street Tacos. You can choose your choice of meat, the chorizo is a very authentic Mexican chorizo.”

While the Lopez’s are certainly making local Latino community proud, they also want to emphasize that this is a store where everyone is welcome.

“We open 9 to 11 on Monday through Thursday’s; and on the weekend we open 9 through midnight. You can find us on Facebook at La Guadalupana Antojitos Mexicanos or Google also. We’re getting a lot of Spanish people, and this is not only for Spanish people it’s for American people; which they love authentic Mexican food. They can come here and feel like family; it’s a tiny place but it’s comfy with friendly restaurant (feel). They love it, they’re happy with the dishes, and they say they’re good.”

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