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Ohio opens up for prop betting on the NFL Draft

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The newly opened Ohio sports betting market continues to flourish. In their most recent positive feedback, it was announced that Ohioans would soon be able to visit sportsbooks such as betJACK to place prop bets on the NFL Draft 2023. 

The draft has become an increasingly popular event for sports betting enthusiasts in recent years. With sports betting being legalized in many states across the US, more and more people are getting in on the action when it comes to predicting which players will be drafted by which teams and in which order. The uncertainty and excitement leading up to the draft and the potential for big payouts make it an attractive event for sports bettors.

How sports betting was legalized in Ohio

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Sports betting in Ohio became legal as of January 1, 2023. The decision to open up the sports betting market in the Buckeye State was taken back in 2019 and made Ohio the 31st state to legalize gambling on sports. When the market opened this year, it came with 14 legal mobile retailers and 14 in-person retailers in the state. The market is overlooked by the Ohio Casino Control Commission, which also publishes market updates and reports. 

The legalization has since been a success. According to official numbers released, bettors brought in over 1,1 billion dollars in January alone. This resulted in a revenue of $208.9 million, out of which 205 million came from betting online or through apps. One of the most prominent apps on the Ohio betting market is betJACK, which offers both odds, news, betting training, and analysis. In January, betJACK brought in $270,000. 

The 2023 NFL draft and prop betting

This year’s NFL Draft is taking place on April 27-29 in Kansas City, Missouri. For those unfamiliar with the draft, 32 teams are present to make picks throughout the seven rounds. The picks are both to introduce new players and to switch players around. When betting on the draft, there are many ways to wager. Whether you want to bet on top prospects, potential first-round picks, certain positions, teams, or players – there is a market for it. 

Prop betting, in particular, is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to the NFL Draft. These bets allow bettors to wager on more specific outcomes than traditional picks, such as the total number of quarterbacks drafted in a certain round or which conference will have the most first-round picks. These types of wagers can help add excitement to what’s already a highly anticipated event. Whether it’s predicting the first overall pick or guessing how many wide receivers will be taken in the entire draft, prop betting can provide plenty of opportunities for bettors to make money off the NFL Draft in Ohio this year.

Draft betting tips

In order to make the most out of these bets, bettors should make a few preparations ahead of drafting week. The first thing bettors should do is look at what the 32 teams are currently missing and where they might be looking to fill positions. It might also be worth looking at the teams drafting tendencies. This practice can be combined with examining mock drafts in order to complement the betting analysis.

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It is also important to listen to what the experts are saying about drafting options. This can be particularly important when it comes to combine performances. Often, experts can give insider information and analysis on things that may or may not have been made public as regards team choices and performances. 

Benefits of the NFL Draft for bettors

Watching the NFL Draft is an important part of being a successful general NFL bettor. By paying close attention to the players that teams select and their overall strategy during the draft, bettors can gain valuable insights into where each team stands heading into the upcoming season. Furthermore, watching the NFL Draft gives bettors the most time to research the new additions and what they can bring to their teams. 

For example, if a team drafts multiple offensive linemen or running backs, it can be a sign that the team is looking to focus on the ground game. On the other hand, if they select multiple wide receivers or defensive backs, they may be looking to shift their focus toward passing more often. Being able to identify these trends allows bettors to make better decisions when placing wagers throughout the season.

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