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Omaha concert-goers claim CHI Health Center staff wrongfully threw out purses

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A night of dancing in the aisle at a recent Omaha concert ended on a sore note for two Omaha women.

As Lionel Richie sang “Dancing on the Ceiling,” Maxcine Jackson says she didn’t worry about her purse under a table at a security checkpoint inside the CHI Health Center.

“He said, ‘You can leave your purse right here under the table,’ and we saw other purses laying there,” Maxcine said.

When entering the arena on Sunday, Maxcine says she carried a cross-body purse. She says her friend, Linda, had one of a similar size, and both say a security officer didn’t use the measuring card, but instead eyeballed the purse sizes and determined them to be too big.

Maxcine says the lot was full the night of the concert, so she and her friend had to park quite a ways from the CHI Health Center. Running their purses back to the car would have made them late for the first set, and with sore feet, because both were wearing heels.

“I asked if we could leave it here and he said yes… there were a lot of purses under the line we were in,” Linda said.

But after the concert, the two women returned to the security checkpoint to retrieve their purses.

“We were looking around like, ‘Where is the table?’” Maxcine said. “We saw him and two other men along the wall, so I went and said, ‘What happened to our purses?’ And he said those purses were thrown away. What do you mean thrown away? You told us we could pick them up when the event was over. Never once did he mention anything about throwing them away.”

Fortunately, she had taken her wallet, phone and credit cards out of the purse before reaching the security line, but Maxcine says the designer Brahmin cost her more than $200.

“I want to be compensated for my purse,” she said.

Kristyna Engdahl, the Vice President of Communications for MECA, which manages the CHI Health Center, says contacted the event staffer, who gives a different account of that night at the checkpoint. He says he was upfront with concert-goers that bag storage was not permissible.

The staffer said the women left the bags anyway and that hey instructed event staff to leave them alone. Later, security likely disposed of the bags left behind unattended.

Officials said the CHI Health Center plans to extend apologies to Maxcine, but Maxcine stands by her version of the story and has already filed a police report.

Read the full statement 6 News received from Engdahl below:

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