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Orders in Seconds, Inc. Announces Launch of the OIS Inventory App

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HAUPPAUGE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Orders in Seconds, Inc. (OIS) is thrilled to announce the launch of its new product, the OIS Inventory App. This cloud-based mobile application is designed to maximize warehouse operations by streamlining the order picking process, thereby significantly reducing errors and increasing operational efficiency.

At its core, the company’s new OIS Inventory App integrates seamlessly with barcode scanning technology to ensure accurate and efficient order picking. According to the company, this automation significantly cuts down on the time and resources typically wasted due to manual errors, accelerating the fulfillment process while simultaneously reducing labor costs.

“Efficiency in warehouse operations is crucial for maintaining competitiveness in today’s fast-paced market,” said Oscar Guerrero, President and Founder of Orders in Seconds, Inc. “The OIS Inventory App not only simplifies the order picking process but also integrates flawlessly with QuickBooks, providing a comprehensive solution that enhances both operational efficiency and financial accuracy.”

The OIS Inventory App offers a range of features designed to optimize warehouse operations:

• Manage warehouse order picking stress-free, using one app.

• Easily view orders to be picked for the day.

• Filter by order picking status, including picked, picking, and not picked.

• User-friendly design – your team will be up and running quickly.

• Ensure error-free single or batch picking using barcode scanner integration.

• Speeds up the order picking process, increasing productivity.

• Allows for real-time updates in inventory levels.

• Manage product inventory and location, using one app.

• Quickly find products by picking bin locations.

• Manage lot numbers and expiration tracking.

• Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online and Desktop and other popular ERP systems including SAP, SAGE, Peachtree and Netsuite.

• Available for iOS and Android mobile or tablet devices.

• Unlimited live phone support (during normal business hours), available right from the app to help with any questions in the field.

OIS is a pioneer in the mobile-cloud software industry. OIS helps wholesale distributors and manufacturers streamline their end-to-end order processing. Since its inception in 2015, the OIS team has worked tirelessly to simplify, automate, and speed up the order fulfillment process through advanced cloud-based mobile solutions; well beyond the scope of manual paper-based processes and difficult-to-use outdated technology.

For more information about Orders in Seconds, please visit www.ordersinseconds.com.

About OIS

Orders in Seconds, Inc. (OIS) was founded in 2015 by President, Oscar Guerrero, in New York. The company’s mission is to develop innovative and leading-edge digital solutions that keep its clients competitive in the ever-changing B2B marketplace – all while creating an inspiring workplace for its devoted employees.

OIS has partnered with many notable brands over the past seven years, including Midway Importing, Quesos La Ricura, New York Produce, Wrigley, Mars Chocolate North America, Kraft, and more.

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Orders in Seconds, Inc. (OIS)
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