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Plains community reacts to Jimmy Carter’s health update

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PLAINS, Ga. (WALB) – There are some new concerns for former President Jimmy Carter’s health after his grandson claims the president is, “near the end.”

Jason Carter, Jimmy Carter’s grandson, stated that he was “doing okay.” WALB spoke with residents in the community, and they told us they miss Carter’s presence in the downtown area.

“Well, we are missing Rosalynn, well, obviously. President Carter is missed in the community, and we know he is still here. And we get daily reports on him. But we do miss seeing him in the community,” said Tim Buchanan, Plains Historic Inn general manager and Buffalo Cafe.

The Carters were known to be active in all the things happening in Plains, but as both Carters’ health deteriorated over the past few years, they were unable to spend much time in the town they put on the world stage.

“The Carters were more than just a president and first lady. They were world citizens and did things for the world. And we should all be proud of it,” said Tim Buchanan, Plains Historic Inn General Manager, and Buffalo Cafe.

Jimmy Carter was last seen by the public nearly a year ago during Rosalynn’s funeral. People here on Wednesday tell WALB they are thankful for their influence.

“We sympathize, but Rosalynn and Jimmy will always be alive in Plains. Their spirit will always be here. Every meeting, every little thing it will always be what would the Carters think, or what would the Carters think,” said Philip Kurland, owner of Plains Trading Post.

“Just very relaxing, reflective. We’ve talked a lot about him as the president when he was president and just as a person. In comparison to other presidents, we’ve had that conversation,” said Linda Stutes, a Plains visitor.

On Wednesday, the Carter Center’s CEO Paige Alexander said. “There really hasn’t been a significant change. I mean, he will always be one bad cold away from the end.”

WALB will continue to follow the former president’s health in the coming months.

WALB will continue to follow the former president’s health in the coming months, as the city of Plains is anticipating a large 100th birthday celebration on Oct. 1.

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