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Princess Margaret’s decadent daily routine including a midday ‘vodka pick-me-up’, an hour-long bath and a four-course lunch with the Queen Mother is hailed as ‘inspirational’

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Princess Margaret‘s decadent daytime routine has sent royal fans wild after it resurfaced on social media.

A snippet from the late royal’s slow but lavish morning has been shared several times on X/Twitter in the last few days, leaving people in awe at her luxurious lifestyle and aspiring to emulate the routine in their own lives.

The routine, which involves a two-hour lie-in after waking up at 9am and a little tipple of vodka as soon as the afternoon hits, has proven incredibly popular with X users.

Some have even joked the royal’s routine, which she is thought to have followed during her 20s, has outdone MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace, whose own Saturday morning routine went viral last week.

Princess Margaret’s average day, which was recorded around 1955, originally appeared in Ma’am Darling: 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret, written by Craig Brown.

An excerpt of Princess Margaret’s daytime routine has resurfaced on social media, leaving people in awe of her lavish yet slow mornings 

The book explains how aged around 25, Princess Margaret settled into a luxurious routine that reflected her taste for the finer things in life. 

The day started with a meal brought to her in bed. At the time she is believed to have lived with her mother The Queen Mother in Clarence House.

Afterwards she spent two hours listening to the radio and reading the newspapers while chain smoking, often leaving the papers scattered across the floor.

At 11am Margaret would have an hour-long bath for her drawn by a maid before having her hair and make-up done at her dresser.

The late royal's routine includes a vodka 'pick me up' shortly after midday and an hour-long bath

The late royal’s routine includes a vodka ‘pick me up’ shortly after midday and an hour-long bath

The royal's lunches included Continental cheese, a selection of fruit, and a bottle of wine shared with the Queen Mother

The royal’s lunches included Continental cheese, a selection of fruit, and a bottle of wine shared with the Queen Mother

The book continues: ‘As one would imagine of a Princess, she never wore any of her clothes more than once before having them cleaned.’

Exhausted by the morning, Margaret then went downstairs for a ‘vodka pick-me-up’ ahead of a four-course lunch with the Queen Mother.

The average lunch is said to have included ‘half a bottle of wine per person plus ‘fruit and half a dozen different varieties of native and Continental cheeses’.’

The excerpt first appeared online in 2017 when it was posted on X/Twitter by an admiring fan.

However it has resurfaced after being posted again on Sunday, with the caption: ‘I think we can agree that the late Princess Margaret’s daily routine is the one we all aspire to.’

Responding to the schedule, people revealed their admiration for the princess and her laid-back lifestyle.

One person said: ‘Princess Margaret walked so Gregg Wallace could run.’

Another, also referencing the MasterChef judge’s Saturday morning routine which begins at 5am, joked: ‘None of this turning up to the gym half an hour before it opens,’ referring to Gregg’s very early start at the weekend. 

A reader who desperately wanted to capture the routine in their own life said: ‘I aspire to live like this. I’m an aristocrat trapped in a peasant’s body.’

The excerpt from a biography of the late royal, Ma'am Darling: 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret, has resurfaced

The excerpt from a biography of the late royal, Ma’am Darling: 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret, has resurfaced 

In yet more references to Gregg’s Saturday morning routine, some asked when Princess Margaret managed to fit in a trip to Harvester (where the MasterChef judge has breakfast) or a session playing Total War. 

Most readers were in awe of the late royal’s routine and declared they aspire to ‘be more Princess Margaret’ and described her as ‘inspirational’.

The Princess, who was the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth, was known to smoke up to 60 strong Chesterfield cigarettes a day, chain smoking between courses during meals, and drank Famous Grouse whisky heavily at home. 

Although her tastes sometimes ran to gin and tonic or a glass of wine, her favourite drink was whisky – most specifically, Famous Grouse with a dash of water.

Margaret was said to have been quick to notice if any other brand of whisky had been poured in her glass, and would refuse to drink it.

She also insisted that only Malvern Water was acceptable as a mixer. 

In his controversial biography, Margaret – The Untold Story, Noel Botham said that a decanter of Grouse was ever-present on the drinks tray at Margaret’s apartment in Clarence House during the 1950s, and she would take a drink before setting off for an evening out. 

The Margaret Set were often invited back after a night on the town but, while the Champagne flowed, she preferred her favourite whisky and water – ‘it was the only drink she really enjoyed in the evening’, wrote Botham.

Hosts were made aware that Famous Grouse and Malvern Water should always be available for her, no matter the time, the place or the occasion.

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