Monday, July 15, 2024

Saving Money Could Lead To Improved Sleep Quality

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Saving money regularly can improve sleep quality, according to a new report from Bristol University’s Personal Finance Research Centre. Setting aside even a small monthly amount helps people relax and feel more optimistic about the future. This sense of financial security is linked to improved life satisfaction, bringing their satisfaction levels in line with wealthy non-savers. Despite recent financial challenges such as rising bills and food prices, cultivating a savings habit enhances financial resilience. Charities highlight that even minimal savings can alleviate anxiety and better prepare individuals for unexpected expenses. While life events like moving home or getting married have a greater impact on mental wellbeing, regular saving still plays a significant role. Andrew Gall from the Building Societies Association emphasizes the importance of encouraging everyone to save when possible. Even in tight budgets, maintaining some savings is crucial for financial peace of mind and improved sleep quality.

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