Monday, December 4, 2023

St. Cloud Businesses Stranded as Local IT Company’s Sudden Closure Disrupts Local Services

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(KNSI) – The sudden closure of a St. Cloud information and technology company is leaving local customers in the lurch.

Cloudnet went dark late last week, shutting down customers’ email accounts and websites like the one for the St. Cloud Municipal Athletic Complex. Operations Manager Todd Bissett tells KNSI News the MAC had voicemail messages over the weekend regarding people searching for hours and ice time but couldn’t log on to the website. He didn’t think anything of it at first. “We had issues with our website that we’ve run into before. I thought it was just kind of a little fluky delay; it normally takes a couple of hours to reset. And then, after a day, and [then] two days, I found out last Friday that our website hosting provider closed up shop and has moved on. And so, we’re scrambling a little bit.”

The MAC has been a Cloudnet customer for about 15 years, according to Bissett and hadn’t gotten a hold of the owners. “We’ve always had a really good relationship. We’re a city operation, so we try to keep things local as much as we can. And they were a good group to work with. So whatever happened, I feel sorry for him a little bit. But it’s unfortunate for us for sure and our users.”

The MAC is working with a new hosting company and is hopeful to get its website back up by late Monday or Tuesday.

In the meantime, the hockey arena will post announcements on its Facebook page.

A message left by KNSI seeking comment from Cloudnet has yet to be returned.


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