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Stockton mom expands health and wellness campaign with new gym

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STOCKTON — A Stockton small business owner is realizing her dream of helping others achieve their own health and wellness dreams.

Lakeisha Little-Shaw is celebrating the opening of her new gym, The F.I.T. Me, along W. Weber Avenue.

“The F.I.T. Me stands for ‘focus, inspired and transformed.’ It’s a small space but we do a lot in here,” she said. “Small group sessions, yoga, pilates, HIIT workouts. We are working on getting Zumba.”

It’s about 500 square feet, and even though the space is small, Little-Shaw has big dreams.

“Having the gym space solidifies my purpose in what I am trying to do with people’s health,” she said.

Her life’s mission is to improve the mental and physical health of others in her hometown. That’s why the mother of five and sex abuse survivor opened her small business called The SHAW Bar next door two years ago which provides personalized meal plans and nutrition counseling.

“We are going to offer a lot of free things for the community because we want this to be accessible to a lot of individuals who would not have access to something like this otherwise,” she said.

Little-Shaw’s business is in the middle of what’s known as a food desert, where access to healthy options is limited. She hopes clients learn how diet and exercise go hand in hand.

“She really gave me a good solid foundation of how important it is and where to start, and I ended up going right away and I was sold,” said Stockton City Councilwoman Michelle Padilla.

Padilla is a fan and said Little-Shaw’s passion has a purpose. As a teacher, Padilla knows education is key.

“I applaud her for doing that for our city because so many people don’t want to invest in a business. It’s hard and it’s hard financially in economic times making that first step not knowing if this is going to flourish,” she said. “But she is taking that chance and I can only say ‘Thank you’ for doing that for our city as well as our youth and our community.”

Padilla is now working on ways to procure funding so other small business owners can provide similar options. Little-Shaw said she will make it happen for those who can’t make it happen.

“These individuals, for one, don’t have the comfort level to come out and venture this way,” she said. “They don’t have the means of the availability to. So with The F.I.T. Me and Shaw 4 Community, we have access to transportation and we are going into those communities.”

You can find out more about grants and other funding sources for small businesses at the City of Stockton website.

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