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Sun signs in love: Libra women as lovers

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Observation is a rare trait and those who have it are quite intriguing. Libras are observational by nature. Read along to find out how.

Love is different for all. Let’s find out how it is for Libras.(Unsplash)

Her character: A Libra woman is nothing if not understanding and graceful. They are down to earth and this trait of theirs attracts everyone to them. Though they like to observe others you will never find them presuming stuff about anyone. They are outgoing and you might find them talking to strangers at times.

As a lover: With a perfect mix of witty, flirty and loving Libra women should definitely be on your list. They like their men to belong to them and tend to be a little possessive at times. They love to talk and listen. Libra women are very patient and trustworthy of your life and secrets.

How to date her: Keep up the spice in the relationship. Boring days can be one or two but not all. They would love for you to make efforts and compliment them at times. Also, keep in mind to be dressed at your best. They love beauty and a beautiful man as their partner will make them really happy.

The perfect date for her: Treat them like a queen. Take them out on a date to an expensive restaurant with scenic views. Buy them some good flowers and make sure you dress up! Since they love conversations and art, a workshop or lecture by their favourite artist might also make them fall a little more for you.

Compatible signs: Aquarians and Sagittarians it is! Both these signs would be highly suitable for Libra women. With Aquarians, since both are excellent communicators their relationship will be easy and breezy. You could combine their art and adventure for both these signs into an awesome dating experience. Sagittarians on the other hand are very respectful and mature and would be perfect for Libra women. They would appreciate them and yet let them have their own space, which a Libra wants at times.

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