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Sun Transit in Aquarius 2024: Planet Sun is the strongest among all other planets. It is the ultimate source of lights and energy. Without Sun, no one can imagine life on earth. It gives the power and strength. As per Vedic astrology, Sun changes its position in every one month and this period brings so many changes in life as it depends upon the transiting house or place.Some houses where Sun transits are beneficial for everyone and sometimes the transition is not favourable for anyone.
So, the placement of the Sun and the place where the Sun is transiting matters a lot and make a huge impact on each zodiac signs. Today, on February 13, 2024, the planet Sun is changing its position and travelling from Capricorn to Aquarius.
Sun Transit in Aquarius 2024: Date and Time
Kumbha Sankranti Punya Kala – February 13, 2024 – 09:47 AM to 03:54 PM
Kumbha Sankranti Maha Punya Kala – February 13, 2024 – 01:59 PM to 03:54 PM
Kumbha Sankranti Moment – February 13, 2024 – 03:54 PM
Sun Transit in Aquarius 2024: Lets know its impacts on all zodiac signs
Aries people might be motivated to concentrate on social issues and group activities at this time. Engaging in community events and working with like-minded people may give them a boost of energy.
It’s possible for Taurus natives to feel more inventive and unique around Kumbha Sankranti. They could be lured to outlandish concepts and actively search for chances for development.
During this time, Gemini people can find that their communication abilities have improved. They might be very good at making connections and networking, which could open up new doors for learning and teamwork.
There could be a greater drive in Cancerians to stand up for themselves and follow their own objectives. They might concentrate on self-improvement and self-expression while looking for methods to overcome constraints.
During Kumbha Sankranti, Leos could feel an inspiration and creative burst. They might be lured to creative endeavours or cutting-edge initiatives that let them demonstrate their abilities.
During this time, Virgo people could find themselves drawn to philosophical or spiritual endeavours. They might look for chances to reflect and learn more about themselves, which could result in a calmer, more coherent inner being.
During Kumbha Sankranti, Librans might concentrate on growing their social networks and making new acquaintances. They might take part in community projects or group activities that complement their interests and ideals.
During this time, Scorpios could feel the need to strengthen their emotional bonds with other people. They could concentrate on developing intimacy and trust as well as solidifying their links in partnerships.
Kumbha Sankranti may provide Sagittarians a fresh feeling of direction and purpose. Motivated by a desire for development and expansion, they can concentrate on establishing objectives and creating future plans.
During this time, Capricorns can notice a change in emphasis towards their relationships and social lives. They might look for networking and socialising opportunities to balance their personal and professional obligations.
Aquarians could experience an increase in vigour and self-assurance when the Sun enters their sign. They might value their uniqueness and true self-expression, motivating others with their creative solutions and forward-thinking perspective.
During Kumbha Sankranti, Pisceans can find themselves inclined to introspection and inward contemplation. They could concentrate on artistic endeavours or spiritual practices that uplift their spirits and strengthen their bond with God.
These astrological effects offer a broad picture of Kumbha Sankranti’s possible effects on every sign of the zodiac. Based on unique astrological positions and personal circumstances, each person’s experience may differ.

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