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Super Bowl 2024 Ultimate Taylor Swift Betting Guide: 8 ‘Fearless’ picks

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If you had told me I’d be spending the week leading up to Super Bowl 2024 frantically figuring out ways to bet on Taylor Swift back when I was in college, I would have spent a lot less time worrying about my grade in Symbolic Logic.

But alas, Travis Kelce, look what you made me do.

The Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers is upon us, and despite the NFL going with a rerun of Super Bowl LIV, there might be more intrigue around this game than ever before.

Swifties have embraced the NFL as Taylor Swift and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s romance took center stage this fall.

Swift attended a dozen Chiefs games this season, including all three playoff games, bringing with her an army of new football fans who were rewarded with something Browns, Lions, Texans, and Jaguars fans have yet to experience — a Super Bowl appearance.

While the Chiefs and 49ers prepare to face off in Las Vegas, let’s dive into some of the ways you can bet on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce in the Super Bowl. 

Taylor Swift-Related Super Bowl bets

Odds via DraftKings

Travis Kelce to catch every one of his targets (+800)

Is this necessarily a good bet? No, probably not. 

Kelce has only caught every one of his targets 14 times in 159 career regular-season games, but he has done it four times in the postseason, including in the Chiefs’ AFC Championship Game win over Baltimore two weeks ago. 

If you think Taylor will elevate Travis to this level of perfection on the sport’s biggest stage, it’s certainly worth a look.

Any non-QB to throw a touchdown (+3500)

This one is clearly a longshot, but crazier things have happened. The beauty of this bet is that it doesn’t even have to be Kelce who throws the touchdown, just a non-quarterback on either team.

And history is kinda, sorta on our side here. In the Chiefs’ wild-card win over the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 2021 season, Kelce hit Byron Pringle with a 2-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter to solidify Kansas City’s victory.

Swift just secured a record fourth Album of the Year at the Grammys last Sunday, it’s really the least Travis can do to show off for her.

Travis Kelce more that 80 receiving yards (+116)

This is perhaps a much more reasonable way to bet on Travis showing off for Taylor. He’s gone over 80 yards in 12 postseason games and did so five times during the 2023 regular season. 

Obscure Taylor Swift Super Bowl props

The following odds are via FanDuel Ontario (as of Feb 7), no legal sportsbooks can offer Swift props in the United States.

Will Taylor Swift wear a Kristin Juszczyk custom design? Yes (+310)

Kristin Juszczyk’s designs were brought to the forefront by Swift with some help from husband, 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk.

While the market seems to feel strongly that Taylor won’t be sporting a design from the enemy’s wife, I think she is too much of a girl’s girl to worry about something like that. Kristin is cooking up some Super Bowl creations and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see the Grammy-winning singer rocking one for the game.

Taylor Swift is a major storyline ahead of the Super Bowl. Denver Post via Getty Images

Will Andy Reid mention Taylor Swift in his post-game interview? Yes (+520)

There is only one instance where I can imagine the Chiefs coach talking about Taylor Swift, and that is if his team absolutely demolishes the 49ers. We’re talking a Super Bowl XXIV-style beatdown, only it would be Kansas City winning by 45. 

Should that happen, Reid having some fun with things after the game wouldn’t be surprising considering the coach’s and singer’s previous post-game encounter this postseason. So if you think a historic beatdown is on the table — which for the record, I do not — I’d say go for it. 

Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift? Yes (+820)

I mean, wouldn’t this just be so fun? I love fun, so it’s tough to root against this one. 

Taylor thought it was “metal as hell” when Travis put her on blast on his podcast in their now-famous origin story, showing she’s not opposed to grand gestures. In my humble opinion, there’s no better way for this love story to take its next steps, so I’m rooting for Kelce to get down on one knee and pull out a ring if the Chiefs are victorious.

You know what they always say — if you can dazzle her with your podcast, imagine what you can do with a Super Bowl win. 

Ready to start your Super Bowl 2024 betting?

Will the MVP mention Taylor Swift in his speech? Yes (+520)

If the Chiefs win, Kelce has a perfect receiving game and throws a touchdown, his case for MVP would be sealed. So why not? 

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