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Technology being used to fight crime? How effective the Flock Safety system is with KPD

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Technology being used to combat crime. The Kearney police department and the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office partnering to use an automated license plate reader called Flock technology.

This technology was put into effect a year ago and how has it faired?

Flock Safety technology is an automated license plate reader used to capture images of license plates for evidence without compromising on individual privacy and to keep the city of Kearney’s streets safe.

The automated license plate readers are not used for facial recognition and is used for law enforcement purposes only.

NTV spoke with the captain of the Kearney Police Department, Mike Young, on Flock Safety, and he said:

This is a technology that brings communities, neighborhoods and law enforcement together to fight crime.

Twenty-eight automated license readers are now used by KPD after partnering with the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office – and after a year of use results have been positive so far.

“It’s estimated that 10% of reported crimes are being solved with Flock safety technology today,” said Young.

According to Captain Young last year KPD made 79 arrests using the Flock system and recovered 14 stolen vehicles during that time period.

“So we were looking for a fugitive that fled our jurisdiction, we had information that he was no longer in our area and so knowing that we were going to enter this Flock pilot project; we reached out and they did a search and we found the vehicle clear across the country in Florida and by the next day our fugitive was in custody due to the license plate reader camera,” Young said.

According to KPD, Transparency Portal in the last 30 days almost 3,000 hit notifications have been made and almost 230,000 vehicles detected – finding people that are wanted on warrants, driving a stolen vehicle, missing persons, Amber alerts, and more.

It compares the license plates with the national database, national crime information center… and it sends an automatic hit notification to our officers in real time so they can be notified that that person is in our community, and they can respond accordingly.

According to a 2011 study, Mesa, Arizona police recorded nearly 3 times as many ‘hits’ for stolen vehicles, and twice as many vehicle recoveries.

It’s still too early for Kearney to have a full grasp on those numbers.

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