Monday, December 4, 2023

Think Less and Think Local for sustainable and chic fashion – Galway Daily

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In a move to support local business in a sustainable way, Galway Food Tours’ program of championing local creators is getting people to think local for fashion as well

On November 22, an event showing that less really is more when it comes to building the wardrobe of your dreams will take place in Kindf_olk.

The aim for this get together is to talk and think about creating a practical capsule wardrobe.

PR Consultant and Sustainable Slow Fashion Advocate Lisa Regan will choose staple pieces to take your wardrobe from Autumn to Winter from local sustainable fashion stores Kindf_olk, Aplomb, O’Máille and Public Romance.

Sharing with you all the tips and tricks on combining the staples with items you already have in your wardrobe to create comfortable chic outfits, while embracing your own style!

Of course, a beautiful outfit deserves a delicious glass of wine… so you will finish the evening out showcasing some of the finest low intervention wines.

This will be led by Gosia Letoswka from ‘Side Hustle’ as she will take us on a grape journey to Mosel and will advise on how to pick the perfect wines for the upcoming festive season!

People can enjoy a glass of Pet Nat from Wild Wines or Kombucha from All about Kombucha, Sheridan’s Cheese platters and Delicious Treats from Lán Kitchen.

When: November 22nd 6.30pm-8.30pm in real life Cost is  €20pp from Eventbrite or check out Galway Food Tours across social media.

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