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Tom Brady loves his new job at FOX Sports: What does the NFL legend do?

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Tom Brady couldn’t stay away from the NFL for long, just ask his ex-wife, and now he’s back in the sport he loves as he works for FOX Sports, but what does the seven-time Super Bowl champion do? Why is he “obsessed” with his new role?

Brady quit the NFL before returning for 2022 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before he finalized his exit from the sport he dominated for two decades, being the key part of the New England Patriots‘ dynasty.

Tom Brady poses with elegance and style on the red carpet of the Laureus AwardsTikTok

But now he’s back and he’s working in broadcasting as a lead color commentator for FOX Sports, beginning in Fall 2024 after agreeing to a 10-year deal with the network.

Whilst he could sit around and wait to start his job when the coverage ramps up for the next NFL season, he’s got no interest in doing so as Colin Cowherd, a colleague, reveals his incredible mentality.

“I’ll tell you, Brady, I’ll probably get in trouble saying this,” Cowherd began. “But Brady, his preparation for broadcasting at Fox, he’s in the building. He was in the building today.

“The next three days, he’s in the building practicing. Brady is as obsessed about this [as anything]. People don’t understand.”

Brady explains his approach

After more or less sealing his legacy as the greatest quarterback of all-time, although Patrick Mahomes is attempting to contest that, it’s clear that Brady is also looking to become the greatest broadcaster of all-time too.

It indicates his hunger to be the best, which has resulted in him becoming one of the most revered athletes in American sports history, and the 46-year-old explained the reason for his approach.

“I’ve had 23 years of just observing,” Brady told The New York Post. “And I get to go on now and speak to a wider audience, and I used to use my body and my brain out there and people would see me kind of lead the team down the field.

“Now I get to do that in a different way using my voice, I’m just going to go in there and do the best I can do with my own perspective.”

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