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Twelve Clothing: Weaving fashion, philanthropy, and digital innovation

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Committed to providing everyone with clothes of the highest calibre, Twelve Clothing, a prominent brand under the umbrella of Team Group, emerges as a beacon of style, commitment, and innovation at affordable prices.

The brand currently has 38 active outlets, with 5 in the pipeline and a total of 100 outlets planned by 2030. However, this dynamic retail giant has not only carved a niche for itself in the fashion industry but has also woven social responsibility, sponsorships, and cutting-edge e-commerce practices into its list of accomplishments. Let’s unravel the various facets of Twelve Clothing’s journey.

Inclusive sponsorship events

Twelve Clothing doesn’t merely create garments; it cultivates a cultural narrative. The brand’s commitment to providing high-quality clothes at affordable prices is mirrored in its active involvement in sponsorship events. With 38 active outlets and five more in the pipeline, Twelve Clothing sets an ambitious target of 100 outlets by 2030.

From October 31 to November 2, 2022, Twelve Clothing was a partner of Bangladesh Institute of Peace Support Operations Training (BIPSOT) during the 26th annual conference of the International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centers (IAPTC). The brand showcased the rich culture and heritage of Bangladesh through a stall exhibition, featuring contemporary and Western collections. Uniforms crafted by Team Group for military and civil forces worldwide were also proudly displayed.

Twelve stepped into the realm of marathon sponsorship with the UCR Half Marathon 2023, held in Hatirjheel on October 6 last year.

Sponsoring the entire event under the theme “Run for Green Dhaka”, about 1,300 runners were participating in the race wearing t-shirts made by Twelve. This marathon was held in 3 categories: 7.5 km, 21 km, and veterans. Apart from this, a special marathon was also held for children in the 500 m distance category.

The brand’s involvement in the Mayor’s Cup 2022 organised by Dhaka North City Corporation showcased a dedication to being a youth-friendly brand. Sponsoring teams from 54 wards, Twelve aimed to inspire the youth to stay drug-free, engaging them in constructive activities. The tournament was inaugurated by Mr. Atiqul Islam, Mayor of Dhaka North City.

Fashion show: a spectacle of elegance

For Twelve Clothing, fashion is not just a product; it’s a spectacle. The brand orchestrates year long programs, and the latest, directed by choreographer Azra Mahmud, left an indelible mark on the country’s fashion landscape.

On March 10, 2023, Twelve Clothing organised a grand event at Hotel Le Méridien, unveiling the ‘Royal Delicacy’ collection. This showcase of regal designs featured stars like Arefin Shuvo, Tasnia Farin, and Deepa Khandkar, elevating the event to a dazzling spectacle. The event, primarily highlighting the Eid collection, attracted around 600 loyal customers, including influential business leaders like Faruque Hasan, the president of BGMEA. Legendary model Mou graced the occasion as the show stopper, adding an extra layer of glamour to the event.

Nurturing the youth

Recognising the youth as its target demographic, Twelve Clothing takes a step beyond fashion by actively engaging with universities. The brand is known for regularly sponsoring events, orientations, and student fairs at various universities, including North South University, Bangladesh University of Professionals, and Rajshahi University.

These sponsorship initiatives not only include events but also feature temporary sales booths at campuses, offering students instant discounts through registration. Twelve’s involvement in such events is not just about selling clothes but also about shaping opinions and staying abreast of contemporary fashion trends.

An engaging ecommerce platform

In the modern age, any retail giant’s survival hinges on a robust e-commerce platform, and Twelve Clothing is no exception. With a dedicated team managing its digital presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, Twelve showcases its products through digital mediums, allowing buyers to make direct purchases.

The e-commerce platform not only acts as a virtual storefront but also provides a seamless purchasing experience. Buyers can place orders directly, and the brand has incorporated digital portals for payment confirmation, ensuring a secure and efficient transaction process.


Twelve Clothing isn’t just a retail brand; it’s a multifaceted entity that intertwines fashion, philanthropy, and digital innovation. From cultural sponsorships to high-profile fashion shows, educational engagements, and a seamless e-commerce experience, Twelve Clothing stands tall as a symbol of style and substance in the world of retail.

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