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Vermont H.S. scores for Saturday, May 18: See how your favorite team fared

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The 2024 Vermont high school spring season has begun. See below for scores, schedules and game details (statistical leaders, game notes) from baseball, softball, lacrosse, track and field, tennis and Ultimate.

To report scores: Coaches or team representatives are asked to report results ASAP after games by emailing Please submit with a name/contact number.

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Girls lacrosse

Stowe 19, Lamoille 6

S: Lauren Paredes 6G, 1A. Ella Hazard 6G. Iris Cloutier 3G, 3A. Ruby Blais 2G. Isabel Donza 1G. Olive Bettencourt 1G. Milla Smith 1G, 5 saves.

L: Emma LaRock 3G. Olivia Alexander 2G. Jade Walker 1G. Elizabeth Daley 9 saves.

BFA-St. Albans 12, Middlebury 8

B: Amber Poquette 4G. Adi Hughes 4G. Rae Alexander 2G. Dehlia Steele 1G. Amelia Pinkham 8 saves.

M: Ava Schneider 2G. Alice Livesay 1G, 1A. Pela Slayter 1G. Ronan Young 1G. Ada Weaber 1G. Kenyon Connors 1G. Sara Kent 1A. Quinn Doria 1A. Izzy Quinn 1A. Ida Blackwell 8 saves. 

Spaulding 19, Milton 2

Green Mountain Valley 18, Stratton Mountain 4

Brattleboro at St. Johnsbury

Boys lacrosse

Mount Abraham/Vergennes 7, Colchester 3

MA/V: Asa Pratt 2G. Jake Kadar 1G. Connor Kelly 1G. Chase Atkins 1G, 1A. Noah Ladeau 1G. Andrew Nolan 1G, 1A. Walker Forand 11 saves.

C: Adam Coburn 1G. Isaac Karlin 1G. Will Mullins 1G. Kieran Phillips 11 saves.

Brattleboro 11, St. Johnsbury 8

Green Mountain Valley 12, Stratton Mountain 10

Montpelier at Burlington, 11 a.m.

Spaulding at Milton, 6 p.m.


BFA-St. Albans 20, South Burlington 2

BFA: Ava Hutchins (WP, 5IP, 7H, 2R, 6K, 1BB; 1-for-2 at the plate, 2B). Amelia Weber (2-for-2, 2 HR, 6 RBIs). Alysa Boudreau (2-for-3, HR, 2 RBIs). Ruby Dasaro (2-for-2, HR, 2B). Cora Thomas (1-for-2, HR, 2BB). Marah McGinn (1-for-1, HR).

SB: Naysa Bush (3-for-3, 2B, HR, 2 RBIs).

Note: Weber smacked a pair of three-run homers to lead a six-homer game for the Comets.

St. Johnsbury 2, Missisquoi 0

SJ: Cassidy Kittredge (WP, CG, 6H, 4K, 0BB). Kaia Anderson (1-for-3, 2B).

M: Molly Medor (LP, CG, 2H, 15K, 1BB).

Note: St. Johnsbury scored on a passed ball and an error to slip past Missisquoi.

Mount Abraham 17, Vergennes 3 (6)

MA: Genevieve Forand (4-for-4 2 2B, HR, 5 RBIs). Abigail Parker (3-for-4, HR, 3 RBIs). Joanna Toy (2-for-3, 2 RBIs). Mayden Larocque (3-for-3, 2B). Sarah Heath (2-for-4, RBI).

V: Savanah Blaise (1-for-3, 2B).

Rutland 12, Mount Mansfield 0

R: Chloe Ellison (WP, 4IP, 2H, 1BB). McKenna Wertzler (2 hits, 2B, RBI).

Essex 16, Champlain Valley 2

E: Lucy Minadeo (2-for-3, HR, 3 RBIs). Avery Casavant (2-for-4, 2 2B, 2 RBIs). Trinity Anaya (WP, 5IP, 2H, 1R, 0ER, 7K, 4BB; 2-for-4 at the plate, 3 RBIs). Sophie Quick (1-for-1, 2 RBIs).

CV: Mackenzie Yandow (LP, 5.1Ip, 3H, 4ER, 4K). Baylee Yandow (2-for-4, 2B).

Lyndon 13, North Country 8

L: Ashleigh Simpson (WP, CG, 13H, 8R, 7ER, 10K, 2BB; 2-for-5 at the plate). Molly Renaudette (3-for-3, HR, 3 RBIs). Sarah Tanner (3-for-4, RBI). Ryleigh Lefebvre (2-for-4, 2B, RBI). Jaydin Royer (2-for-5, 2 2B, 3 RBIs).

NC: Tyler Scelza (2-for-4, 2B). Ally Lapierre (3-for-4, 3B, RBI). Jorja Kinney (2-for-4, 2 RBIs). Taylor Bingham (2-for-3, 2B). Gabby Griffith (1-for-3, 3 RBIs).

Note: Royer stroked a two-run double and Renaudette hit a three-run homer in Lyndon’s five-run first inning.

Lake Region 12, Randolph 3

LR: Ava Stevens (WP, CG, 5H, 3R, 2ER, 10K, 0BB; 2 hits at the plate, 3 RBIs). Myah Ingalls (2B). Alyssa Carrier (2 hits). Mikayla Richardson (2 hits, 2B, 3 RBIs). Lauren Legacy (2 hits, RBI). Tessa Patrick (2 hits, 2B, 2 RBIs).

R: Ella Messier (2 hits). Cadence Mailhiot (2 hits).

Middlebury 7, Milton 1

Burr and Burton 23, Harwood 1

Richford 18, Twinfield/Danville/Cabot 3

Paine Mountain at Burlington/Winooski


Colchester 14, Burlington 2

C: Jackson Pecor (WP, 3IP, 3H, 2R; 2 hits at the plate). John Luter (3 hits, 2B). Zach Davis (3B). Trace Roach (2 hits, 2B). Colton Lefebvre (2 hits). Jack Robinson (2 hits).

Champlain Valley 6, Essex 5 (8)

CV: Travis Stroh (WP, 2IP in relief, 0H, 0R, 2K, 0BB; 2-for-4 at the plate, 2 2B, RBI). John Deyo (2-for-4, 2 RBIs). Russell Willoughby (2-for-3). Aaron LaRose (2-for-4, RBI).

E: Tobey Appenzeller (ND, 6IP, 6H, 4R, 3ER, 7K, 1BB; 2-for-4 at the plate, 2B, RBI). Nico Caiano (1-for-3, 2B, 2 RBIs). Eric Hernandez (1-for-4, RBI). Jackson Lyman (LP, 1.2IP in relief, 3H, 2R, 1ER, 2K, 1BB; 1-for-1 at the plate, RBI).

Note: Riley McDade had an RBI groundout in the seventh inning to force extras, where LaRose’s single in the eighth plated the winning run for the walk-off victory for the Redhawks (10-1).

Mount Abraham 5, Vergennes 2

MA: Stefan Johnson (WP, 6IP, 5H, 2R, 6K, 2BB). Abe Ready (3-for-4, 2B, 2 RBIs). Aricin Griffin (2-for-4, 2 RBIs).V: Tyler Kimball (WP, CG, 8H, 5R, 10K, 2BB). Eyon Tembruell (3-for-4, 2B). Aiden Fuller (2-for-4).

St. Johnsbury 10, Rice 0 (6)

SJ: Rex Hauser (WP, CG, 3H, 0R, 7K, 2BB; HR at the plate). Cam Dwyer (2-for-3, RBI). Declan Kendall (2-for-3, RBI). Tashiro Yamaoki (1-for-2, 2 RBIs). Jason Mitchell Jr. (2B). Carson Finn (2B).

R: Oliver Quong (3-for-3, 2B).

Note: Hauser homered in a three-run third inning to aid is three-hit shutout.

South Burlington 11, BFA-St. Albans 0

SB: Lucas Van Mullen (WP, 5IP, 0H, 9K, 3BB; 3-for-3 at the plate, 2B, HR, 3 RBIs). Miles Van Mullen (2-for-4, 2B). Kiefer McGrath (2B). Cedric LaMothe (2-for-4). Brady Havers (RBI).

Note: Lucas Van Mullen delivered a two-run homer in the first inning and tossed five no-hit innings to lead the Wolves. BFA got its lone hit with two outs in the seventh inning.

Middlebury 12, Milton 1 (5)

MIDD: Gabe Velez (WP, CG, 1H, 1R, 0ER, 2K, 1BB; 2-for-3 at the plate, 2B, RBI). Cole Warren (2-for-4, RBI). Alex Sperry (1-for-2, 2B). Tim Whitney (2 RBIs). Tucker Morter (1-for-2, 2B, RBI). Ryan Brouillard (2-for-4, 2B, 2 RBIs).

MILT: Carter Abell (LP, 3.2IP, 7H, 11R, 4ER, 7K, 1BB; 1-for-3 at the plate, RBI).

Rutland 8, Mount Mansfield 7

Rutland: Chase de Castro (2-for-4, 4 RBIs). Aaron LeFrancois (2-for-4).

MM: James Ripley (2-for-4, 2 2B, RBI). Evan Chicoine (2-for-3, 2B, RBI). Langdon Hazen (2B, RBI).

Note: LeFrancois stole home for the game-tying run in the sixth inning and de Castro produced the walkoff hit in the next frame for Rutland.

Montpelier 11, Harwood 8

M: Nate Groff (2-for-2, 2B). Meles Gouge (2-for-4, 2 RBIs). Lucas Alber (2-for-4, RBI).

H: Logan Hoffman (2-for-3, RBI). Jackson Palermo (2-for-4, 2 RBIs). Wyatt Babic (2-for-4). Nick Casey (1-for-4, 2 RBIs) 

Lake Region 4, Randolph 3

North Country 3, Lyndon 2

U-32 at Spaulding

Hazen at Lamoille

Girls tennis

Mount Mansfield 7, Montpelier 0

Singles: Bea Molson, MM def. Alegra Muller, Mont 8-0; Ada Krull, MM def. Fin Lofgren, Mont 8-1; Avela Krull, MM def. Ellie Duprey, Mont 8-0; Zoe Rosen, MM def. Natalie Quinn, Mont 8-4; Lilliana Carrick, MM def. Somerset Pierce, Mont 8-1.

Doubles: Estelle First/Ava Poehlmann, MM def. Alexandra Cook/Mallory/Supan, Mont 8-0; Juniper Deslauriers/Rosa Ricketson, MM def. Vivian Thomas/Maggie Kords, Mont 8-2.

Stowe at Champlain Valley

Boys tennis

Stowe 5, South Burlington 2

Singles: Yuyang Zhang, SB def. Parker Guffey, ST 8-3; Ethan Pastella, ST def. Mateo Duracak, SB 8-6; Leo Jercinovic, ST def. Will Bradley, SB 8-8 (10-8); Omar Dauodi, SB def. Carter McDonald, ST 8-5; Declan Coggins, ST def. Jay Eagle, SB 8-4.

Doubles: Hugo Jercinovic/Xavi Violette, ST def. Jules Butler/James Bradley, SB 8-6; Drew Zimmerman/Brock Roick, ST def. Nicolas Charlebois/Robin Hokenmaier, SB 8-6.

Girls Ultimate

Burlington 11, Champlain Valley 10

B: Scout Harper 1G, 7A. Haven Steiner 3G, 2A. Rosie Perkinson 3G, 1A.

CV: Nevaeh Parrish 4G, 2A. Grace Thompson 2G, 5A. Kaitlyn Jovell 1G, 2A. Ruby Opton 1G, 1A. Greta Friesen 1G. Eloise Durant 1G.

Track and field

BFA/South Burlington Relays: results.

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