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Who is Raveena Tandon’s husband, Anil Thadani? The Indian film distributor acquired theatrical rights of Pushpa 2: The Rule, Game Changer, Devara, and Kalki 2898 AD – Lifestyle News

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In the limelight of her resurgence since the 90s, actress Raveena Tandon made waves with her roles in K.G.F: Chapter 2 and Netflix’s Aranyak. Meanwhile, her husband, Anil Thadani, founder of AA Films, has been busy securing distribution rights for major projects.

Thadani’s distribution company recently made headlines by acquiring the Hindi distribution rights for four highly anticipated South Indian films: Pushpa 2: The Rule, Game Changer, Kalki 2898 AD, and Devara: Part 1. These acquisitions mark a significant move for AA Films into the North Indian market.

According to industry reports, the deals involve substantial investments. Pushpa 2: The Rule alone fetched Rs 200 crore for theatrical rights in North India, with Netflix acquiring digital rights for Rs 100 crore. Similarly, Game Changer and Devara: Part 1 secured Rs 75 crore and Rs 50 crore respectively for their Hindi versions. Additionally, Thadani’s company spent Rs 100 crore on securing Kalki 2898 AD, featuring a star-studded ensemble cast.

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Anil Thadani’s journey in the film distribution business stems from his family’s legacy. Since founding AA Films in 1993, he has been instrumental in backing numerous successful ventures, including iconic films like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and the Baahubali franchise.

Thadani’s marriage to Raveena Tandon in 2004 added another dimension to his public persona. The couple, blessed with two children, has kept their personal life relatively private amidst their professional pursuits.

The net worth of Raveena Tandon is estimated to be around Rs 166 crore, while Anil Thadani remains undisclosed, reflecting his focus on his work rather than public acclaim.

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