Thursday, July 25, 2024

Worldwide Pulsator Technology Patent Sold

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The leading German sexual wellness group behind the award-winning Satisfyer brand is now the sole owner of pulsator technology

NEW YORK, July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The German group behind EIS/Satisfyer/Triple A has bought the worldwide patented Stronic/Pulsator technology from two German inventors from Berlin.

In addition to vibration and pressure waves, Stronic/Pulsator technology is the third and only other basic technology that is used in the sexual wellness industry and established in the market. The basis of this technology is the magnetic drive and magnetic motors, which are currently being used more in various industries. EIS/Satisfyer/Triple A has already successfully licensed to another industry this week.

The company FUN FACTORY has used the pulsator technology through an exclusive license agreement. “We have invested several million and bought the entire Stronic/Pulsator patent portfolio for all industries,” says Managing Director, Sven Pelka. “We have therefore secured this innovative technology for a further patent term of over 8 years for our industry and are now the sole owner of this technology instead of being a licensee. The aim is to make the pulsator technology available to a wider range of consumers worldwide in 2025 and to significantly undercut the current price level of around 200 Euros/Dollars MSRP. We have the largest patent and product portfolio in this industry and will continue to actively protect our patents and enforce them against any infringement.”

The EIS/Satisfyer/Triple A Group currently supplies its products to over 80 countries, manages over 1,000 major customer accounts, and is represented in over 100,000 stores and drugstore chains, making it the largest player in the B2B business worldwide.

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