Monday, June 17, 2024
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Knight frank

Behind ghost shopping malls, a new consumer trend glimmers

Ghost shopping malls, those with a vacancy rate of 40% or higher in 2023, are increasing. There has been a significant 59% year-on-year increase...

The Rise of Ghost Malls: Why Indian shoppers are staying away from small shopping centres

Vacant complexes, no visitors, and eerie silences. This is the stark reality that retailers in several small shopping malls in India face. They have...

Number of ghost shopping malls rise to 64 in 2023 across 8 major cities: Report

New Delhi: The number of ghost shopping malls – those with vacancy of more than 40 per cent -- increased to 64 last year...

‘Ghost’ shopping centres expand 59% in 2023, largest rise in NCR: Report

3 min read Last Updated : May 07 2024 | 1:33 PM IST Ghost shopping centres, so called because more than 40 per cent...

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