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10 Heartfelt Mother’s Day 2024 Gifts Your Mom Will Adore! – News18

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The word ‘Mother’, in any language, expresses the same emotion: pure love, care, and safety. Every mom is special and needs to be reminded of that every day, especially on Mother’s Day. The date for Mother’s Day varies by country, but in many places, it’s celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 12.

While gifting her your precious time is undeniably the best present a mom can ask for, imagine presenting her with a delicate necklace that sparkles like her smile or a stunning vase that complements her exquisite taste in decor.

This article explores the art of gifting jewellery and artifacts, offering unique ideas to make this Mother’s Day truly memorable. We have curated a list of the best pieces that can help you tell your mom how much you love and appreciate her. According to Aditya Modak, owner of Gargi by PNGS, and Manojkumar Sharma, Founder of Ashnam, each gift item mentioned below tells a story of love and gratitude.

Diamond Everyday Ring

(Image: Gargi by PNGS)

They say that diamonds are a woman’s best friend and trust them when they say it. Gift your mom this elegant and evergreen, Diamond Everyday Ring. This beauty is handcrafted with 14K Gold and comes with a rose gold polish. Priced at Rs. 16,871, this one needs to be handled carefully, just like your mom did for you.

Daily-Wear Brass Earrings

(Image: Gargi by PNGS)

If your mom is a Boss Lady, then these will make her look the part. These daily-wear brass earrings are a statement piece, especially with that big and bold purple stone sitting inside peacefully. Finished with silver polish, they will make her shine even brighter. Priced at just Rs.1,492, this one is a perfect gift for your mom.

Exquisite Bracelet

(Image: Gargi by PNGS)

A true masterpiece, this is a must-have for every woman who cherishes unique jewellery. If you’ve already gifted her enough flowers, it’s time to upgrade and surprise her with minimal sparkles. This exquisite bracelet will enhance any outfit she wears. Priced at Rs. 1,947, this Love Bracelet is a unique way to express your love.

Crescent Pearl Necklace

(Image: Gargi by PNGS)

Aren’t you already in awe of the intricate details of this unique Crescent Pearl Necklace? Carved in the shape of a crescent moon, this necklace is a timeless piece of jewellery that your mother will treasure all her life. The delicate string makes it look elegant and classy. Priced at Rs. 2,612, this one needs to be stored in a dry place, away from unwanted moisture.

Love Connection Necklace

(Image: Gargi by PNGS)

If you want to reconnect with your mom, this Love Connection Necklace is the perfect present for your mother. Made in rose gold polish, this necklace holds a special connection of love every mother has with her children. Priced at Rs. 1,377, this piece of silver jewellery is worth a purchase.

Mother-And-Baby Elephant Artifact

(Image: Ashnam)

If you’re looking for something that expresses your bond with your mother, this mother-and-baby elephant does it better than anyone else. Researchers say that elephants are capable of deep feelings and complex thinking just like humans, and hence, this artifact is a perfect embodiment of the love between you and your mother. Priced at Rs. 1,990, this mom and baby elephant figurine is made in Polyresin and needs to be gently wiped with a soft, clean cloth.

Buddha Bookends

(Image: Ashnam)

Is your mom an avid reader? Then, here is the gift of these intricately detailed Buddha bookends. They will help her keep her favourite books safely while creating a beautiful corner for herself on the bookshelf. Besides being bookends, Buddha is a sign of peace and prosperity, so what better gift than this, right? Priced at Rs. 5,999, these brass beauties are great for Mother’s Day.

Mermaid Yoga Pose Figurine

(Image: Ashnam)

This Mermaid Yoga Pose Figurine is a unique gift idea for those whose moms are yoga or fitness enthusiasts. She will love to wake up and feel energized looking at this figurine and feeling the morning breeze. Priced at Rs. 2,990, this one is made out of Polyresin and is a great addition to your mom’s table.

Meditative Monk Figurine

(Image: Ashnam)

If she believes in meditation and peace as her life mantra, this classic Meditative Monk figurine is the perfect gift for her. This piece has a blissful vibe, which creates room for spiritual development. This is a conscious choice for those who have compact spaces. This cute polyresin figurine is priced at Rs. 2,990 and looks graceful and lustrous.

Half-Donut Flower Vase

(Image: Ashnam)

Last but not least is this Half-Donut Flower Vase. It is an evergreen beauty that will always add grace to your home décor. Adorn it with her favourite flowers and see her smile get bigger while opening this present. Priced at Rs. 2,999, this beauty is for minimalist lovers.

The list ends here, but remember, your mom’s love for you is never-ending. So, make a wise choice and give her the gift of love this Mother’s Day.

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