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Beautiful corner of UK with almost no tourists as everyone drives through it

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One beautiful part of the UK has barely any tourists as most people drive through it to get to Devon or Cornwall but it makes for the perfect location for a countryside getaway.

Cranborne Chase in Dorset features the sixth-largest protected landscape in the UK and is one of its most rural areas with rolling green fields punctuated by leafy green trees.

The area is home to villages that have remained unchanged through the years and are home to historic churches, ancient hill-forts, and charming country pubs.

One of Cranborne Chase’s highlights is the beautiful Nadder Valley stretching from Wilton near Salisbury to Shaftesbury, with the friendly village of Tisbury which has its own railway station.

The area is particularly popular among walkers and cyclists with a number of stunning trails to follow which lead to some of Cranborne Chase’s main attractions.

The chase is also steeped in history as it was once a Medieval hunting forest and the area is also noted for its Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeology.

Some of the area’s attractions include the 17th century Wilton House, which features a world famous art collection and sculpture gallery and the 14th century Old Wardour Castle, which starred in the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Reviewers on Tripadvisor say Cranborne Chase is “beautiful” and packed with “lovely” villages.

One reviewer said: “Highly recommend the six-mile, Roundway walk, which takes you up through farm tracks into the heart of Cranborne Chase and the Rushmore Estate’s forest.

“If you’re quiet, you’ll see deer, foxes and a variety of birdlife, such as Owls, Kites and Buzzards. Beautifully unspoiled.”

But there is more to Cranborne Chase than just history and rural landscapes, the area also has the city of Salisbury on its boundary which has plenty to offer those looking for something more lively.

Salisbury is a cathedral city which is home to the best preserved of the four original Magna Carta manuscripts dating from 1215AD as well as streets lined with independent shops.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, the hustle and bustle of the historic Charter Market fills the city’s market place and a whole array of other interesting markets take place throughout the year.

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