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Beautiful Tenerife seaside town unspoilt by the hordes of British tourists

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The volcanic island of Tenerife has been the destination of choice for Brits in search of year-round sun for decades.

Situated off the coast of Africa, the Spanish Archipelago has a mixture of lush mountains and long sandy beaches that can’t help but capture the hearts of visitors.

However, in recent years the demand for holidays or second homes in the Canary Islands has become so strong locals are feeling overwhelmed.

Native people claim the influx has sent rental prices spiralling out of control, caused illegal new hotel developments to be built with impunity, left young women feeling unsafe to visit tourist areas alone and led teachers to take classes in English rather than Spanish.

Huge protests erupted on April 20 – demanding changes to limit the impact of foreigners on the island and momentum is building for measures such as a tourist tax.

Campaigners are keen to stress that they are not against visitors coming to Tenerife but they want them to spend money in businesses owned by local people in a sustainable way.

But that can be difficult when certain parts of the island are dominated by touristic-centric outlets. Thankfully there are other areas where the hordes of Brits don’t currently frequent, such as the stunning seaside town of Garachico.

Nestled on the North East coast of Tenerife the former port has an air of seclusion thanks to the giant cliffs that surround it.

Black and grey rock formations stretch down from the mountain tops all the way to the sea where they form spa-like rock pools offering visitors a spot to cool off from the often intense Canary Island sun.

The striking landscape is actually a result of a 1706 volcanic eruption which wiped out the town’s harbour and left the area in need of a serious rebuild.

But the legacy of that reconstruction is a charming collection of colonial architecture in pastel colours that few other towns on the island can match.

From the cobblestone of the main square through to the arched spires on the seafront, the rolling hills of Garachico might not be the easiest to navigate on foot but the stunning views across the bay certainly make it one of the most picturesque.

For those who’ve worked up a hunger there is a collection of delightful local restaurants where authentic tapas can be found for a reasonable price.

Sweet teeth can be satisfied at one of the very popular ice-cream and gelato bars which line the front and offer the perfect snack for a summer’s day.

So if you’re planning on visiting Tenerife you can do worse than taking a day to enjoy the secluded brilliance of Garachico.

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